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All of the Madre's and Villa's conveniences were supplied by machines tied to the casino.Dead Money loading screens

Sierra Madre vending machines are pre-War devices developed at the Big MT, which dispense and redeem numerous items in exchange for Sierra Madre chips. They can be found throughout the Sierra Madre, and one is found in Elijah's quarters in the abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker.


Where the Vending Machine technology came from is unknown. While they take Sierra Madre Chips, they seem to supply a number of non-commercial services.Dead Money loading screen

Created at Big MT at the Y-0 research center, the development of the Sierra Madre vending machines was bankrolled by Frederick Sinclair. Willing to bankrupt himself for these devices, Sinclair also struck a deal with the company's executives to use the Villa as a proving ground for various Big MT experimental technologies.[1] The devices he commissioned were intended not just as vending machines, but as emergency dispensers supplying food and resources to ration out in the event of a nuclear holocaust.[2] The machines were also capable of outputting special supplies, such as chems and security and maintenance equipment, restricted with dispenser codes issued only to trained professionals and doctors.[3]

Although Sinclair described them as the means for self-sufficiency for the Madre, others felt that they were a means to ensure that any money spent at the casino would line Sinclair's pockets,[4] especially with the ban on all other vending machines.[5][6] To his employees, the vending machines felt like a company store: They could barely afford anything with the modest amount of chips they received along with their paycheck.[7]

The Great War and the isolation of the Madre resulted in the vending machines becoming a technology. They remained in the ruins of the Sierra Madre. Around 2281, they attracted the attention of a rogue elder of the Brotherhood of Steel, Elijah. As potentially unlimited sources of "food, supplies, medical assistance, ammo... even currency," Elijah saw that the Sierra Madre "can kill nations and build them" if its Cloud, holograms and vending machines were applied in the correct manner. While the Cloud wipes the slate clean, collars ensure cooperation, holograms provide defense and the vending machines provide everything else.[8]

Principle of operationEdit

At the heart of the machine is a revolutionary pre-War technology that never achieved much commercial success outside the occasional World Fair or the Sierra Madre: The vending machine is a self-contained matter transformation device. It can recreate any item (limited by the templates stored in its memory; emergency codes could be used to unlock additional templates, for medical supplies and other restricted items)[9][10][11][12] by using Sierra Madre chips and the alloy they are made from as a battery and source of raw material for the created goods. It can also take certain items and transform them back into Sierra Madre chips. Selection is made through a holographic interface that displays the item being purchased.[13]

As the chips are not some form of nanotech feedstock, but simple alloys of common and fissionable elements[14] (which can be easily manufactured out of common junk, see Coin Operator), the machines use nuclear fission/fusion to process this material not only into tools, but edible food and even prescription chems. The machines demonstrate that civilization was on the cusp of unimaginable prosperity when the bombs fell; a truly great height from which to fall.[8]


Sierra Madre vending machines initially only offer food, cigarettes, doctor's bags and redeem cigarettes for chips. However, scattered throughout the Sierra Madre are holotapes that enable the vending machines to dispense more useful items in quantities only limited by the Courier's supply of chips.


Item Chip Cost Holotape Location
BlamCo Mac & Cheese -5
Dandy Boy Apples -5
Fancy Lads Snack Cakes -5
InstaMash -5
Junk food -5
Pork n' Beans -5
Potato Crisps -5
Salisbury Steak -5
Scotch (note) -10 Sierra Madre Casino & Resort security office on a metal shelf
Sugar Bombs -5
Vodka (note) -10 Sierra Madre casino floor countertop behind a Very Easy locked door
Wine (note) -10 Sierra Madre casino floor behind the bar on top of a shelf
YumYum Deviled Eggs -5

Note: Scotch, vodka and wine can only be redeemed from the vending machine located on the Sierra Madre casino floor.


Item Chip Cost Holotape Location
Pack of cigarettes -10
(Return) pack of cigarettes +5
(Return) carton of cigarettes +20
(Return) pre-War casualwear +4 can be found in multiple cash registers scattered around the villa and casino
(Return) dirty pre-War casualwear +2
(Return) Fedora +3
(Return) pre-War parkstroller outfit +4
(Return) dirty pre-War parkstroller outfit +2
(Return) pre-War relaxedwear +4
(Return) dirty pre-War relaxedwear +2
(Return) pre-War spring outfit +4
(Return) dirty pre-War spring outfit +2
Free Chips +1,000, -1 complimentary voucher Win 7,500 chips in the Sierra Madre casino.


Item Chip Cost Holotape Location
Demolition charge -75 Puesta Del Sol North Service Tunnel by accessing the terminal in the corner or Puesta del Sol South 2F near the two lounge chairs.
Auto. rifle upgr. internals -250 Puesta Del Sol South (On the roof where the Courier leaves Dean Domino before activating the Gala Event)
Bear trap fist HD springs -250 Salida del Sol South (In switch room where the Courier leaves Dog/God, near some pipes on the right)
Holorifle adv. calibration -125 Puesta Del Sol South (Atop the central building, among a pile of drained microfusion cells)
Holorifle focus optics -175 Salida del Sol North (Bell tower, along with super stimpak code)
Holorifle reinf. components -100 Puesta del Sol Switching Station (Near the elevator and "remote maintenance terminal")


Item Chip Cost Holotape Location
Doctor's bag -55
Med-X -20 Villa clinic (2nd floor doctors computer terminal) the area nearby will have a hologram patrol.
Rad-X -20 Salida del Sol North, leading to the bell tower on the third floor of the only building in the area with three stories. on bookshelf near the "Casino lights carry me home" graffiti in a room with a computer terminal used in the history side quest
RadAway -20 Salida del Sol North, bell tower district, southeast area, behind a counter in room with pool-table that the Courier enters from a staircase or the nearby hole in the wall. It's the only way of access to and from the bell tower half of salida sol north.
Stimpak -25 Villa clinic, on the lower floor in the check-in area on the main desk
Super stimpak -100 Salida del Sol North, inside the Bell tower on a ledge near to the light controls.
Weapon repair kit -20 Villa police station, on top of a file cabinet at the end of a corridor of prison cells, in the same area where Dog is kept, or access the terminal in the accessed in Puesta del Sol south foreman's service tunnels.


Item Chip Cost Holotape Location
.357 Magnum round (12) -24 Villa police station - When entering the station, located on the desk to the left with the police chief's terminal on it, next to a locked door (unlocked via the terminal)
.308 round (20) -60 Villa police station male restroom


Item Chip Cost Holotape Location
Buffout -20 Puesta del Sol South through a ground level hole in the wall east of the ruined cafe entrance next to cash register
Mentats -20 Villa clinic right across from the chief physician's office on the bottom shelf with a TV and typewriter on top of it.
Steady -20 Police station entryway on the coffee table right when the Courier walks in



  • The codes for scotch, vodka and wine do not work on vending machines outside of the casino area. This includes the vending machine in the abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker.
  • For every item returned, the Courier will receive +1 in the "Crafted Items" counter.
  • The Sierra Madre vending machines will not accept returns of sexy sleepwear, pre-War bonnets and baseball caps or pre-War businesswear, despite these items being commonly found alongside other, returnable articles of clothing.
  • Although the researchers in Big MT created these machines, they are nowhere to be found in Old World Blues. They are, however, mentioned on a terminal outside of the destroyed Y-0 facility.
  • According to Dean Domino, the Sierra Madre vending machine technology was not uncommon before the war.
  • New production codes can be created post-War, as evidenced by weapon mods for the Holorifle being produced by the vending machines.


The Sierra Madre vending machine appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Dead Money.

Behind the scenesEdit

Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

The Old World Blues add-on includes an unused, unscripted, partially implemented version of the Sierra Madre vending machine, likely meant to be placed around the Y-0 research center. Called the "Holo-Vending Machine," the object uses the same shape as the vending machines which appear in Dead Money. Though both the mesh (shape) and textures are included for the object, the mesh file references textures as though they are in the "nvdlc01" folder used by Dead Money, rather than the "nvdlc03" folder used by Old World Blues, making it appear incorrectly if viewed without the Dead Money add-on loaded.

Icon cut contentEnd of information based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content.


  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 The "Return Outfit Item" vending machine code includes an option to return fedoras for chips. The fedora is a "non-playable" article of clothing, meaning it cannot normally be obtained, and furthermore does not appear anywhere within Dead Money. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Returning any pre-War outfit while wearing it will give a permanent Agility bonus. The bonus can be stacked far beyond 10 Agility and though it stops increasing related skills and AP, weapon draw/holster and reload speed will continue to increase. While running some guns may glitch during the holster animation due to the speed of the animation causing the gun to glitch inside the player character, usually leaving the gun sticking out of the Courier's shoulder. The gun will return to normal if drawing and then holstering again while staying still, or if reequipping the weapon. [verified]
    • Even though the glitch will increase Agility past 10, the base Agility stat will remain the same in the Pip-Boy due to clothes acting as a temporary increase to SPECIAL, not a permanent increase like an implant.
    • Equipping and unequipping a copy of each returned outfit will remove the stacked agility bonus respective to each outfit return code; e.g. If you have a +4 Agility boost from returning a parkstroller outfit and pre-War casualwear, if you equip and unequip a copy of the pre-War casualwear it will remove the +2 agility provided by that particular outfit, but leave the +2 provided by the parkstroller outfit.


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    The Courier: "I can't argue that."
    Elijah: "Sources of food, supplies... medical assistance, ammo... make more collars, even print currency. Make a nation. The Cloud allows me to wipe the slate clean. Collars ensure cooperation. Holograms - defense. The Vending Machines provide... everything else. The Sierra Madre can kill nations and build them, using its technology with the right applications."
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    Christine Royce: [She nods, impressed. Then she points at you, then her and makes a circle.]
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