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This page is about the Sierra Madre Casino. For the casino section located inside the Sierra Madre Casino, see Sierra Madre Casino.
For the city, see Sierra Madre.
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It's the moment you've been waiting for, the reason we're all here - the Gala Event, the Grand Opening of the Sierra Madre Casino.Vera Keyes

The Sierra Madre Casino is a location in Sierra Madre in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.


The Sierra Madre chief architect and financier was Frederick Sinclair. The casino was intended as a place for guests to reverse their fortunes and "begin again."Fallout: New Vegas loading screen, Dead Money

Construction of the Sierra Madre casino began a few years before the Great War. More than just a casino, the Sierra Madre is actually a fortress - a monument to one man's inability to let go. Its chief architect and financier, Frederick Sinclair, could see the Great War on the horizon, and wished to protect his love from the coming storm. To that end, he constructed the casino and its outlying Villa, and at the casino's heart, he built an almost impregnable vault. The walls of the casino are lined with a metal that interferes with radio reception and broadcasts.

What Sinclair did not anticipate was Vera's complicity with singer Dean Domino's plot to break Sinclair's spirit and steal the treasure of the Sierra Madre. Domino had enlisted her aid in his planned heist, later blackmailing her with evidence of her chem addictions, unaware that she was terminally ill. News of this broke Sinclair's heart. Left bitter and empty, he transformed his shelter into a trap, ensuring the elevator down to the vault only went in one direction, and upgrading his security holograms to make sure that rescue would never come for Vera and Domino. After Vera broke down and confessed everything, Sinclair, fearing he had overstepped himself, did what he could to reverse his changes, but was limited in success, leaving the casino a deathtrap. He died in the vault, unable to return to the casino.


Cantina MadridEdit

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The Cantina Madrid serves as the casino's restaurant and kitchen. The entire area is filled with flammable gas until all the valves in the kitchen are shut off. Dog and God are also inside the Cantina Madrid. Pre-War food (steaks) and knives (cosmic) are found here, along with alcoholic beverages.


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The lobby acts as a vector for guests to be directed to other localities within the resort. Any other section of the Sierra Madre, except for the vault, can be accessed from the lobby.


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The Sierra Madre Casino is simply that: a casino. Fully equipped with Roulette, Blackjack, slots, vending machines, and a bartender, the casino area also does well to showcase the versatility of the properly functioning hologram system installed throughout the resort. The gambling machines can be used by taking pre-War money to a hologram cashier and trading chips for pre-War money, or pre-War money for chips.

Executive SuitesEdit

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Accessible via an elevator in the lobby, the executive suites are (or were) largely what their name suggests: high class bedrooms and suites for the Sierra Madre guests. The area is in a state of noticeably greater disrepair than the rest of the casino, with Cloud seeping in through some of the hallways, many rooms have large holes in the walls, and rubble has blocked many of the hallways, creating a maze. It is largely guarded by holograms. This is where the final confrontation with Christine takes place.


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What is labeled as the "vault" is actually three areas of what most people would consider "the basement" and then the vault itself. Past the winding corridors of the "basement" is the actual vault chamber. From the outside the vault chamber appears to be a stand-alone structure within the Sierra Madre, guarded on all sides with Mk. III automated turrets. Inside, however, is a vast supply of weapons, medicine and armor. There are a few small pyramid stacks of gold bars, as well as a considerable amount of pre-War money. At the far end of the chamber sits Sinclair's terminal, containing a few bitter goodbyes. The room was where Sinclair had hoped that Dean Domino would end up, locking himself inside and passing away within its impenetrable walls.

The TampicoEdit

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The Tampico was meant to serve the guests of the Sierra Madre as the prime source of entertainment with the best pre-War acts and performers around, including Vera Keyes, Dean Domino, and many other popular entertainers. The Courier's final encounter with Dean Domino occurs here during Curtain Call at the Tampico.

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  • After progressing through the hotel, audible thumps can be heard around the main entrance door. Eventually, several ghost people will break in to the lobby after the player character exits the other levels.
  • Unlike the rest of the Sierra Madre, the water sources in the building are free of radiation.


The Sierra Madre Casino appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.


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