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Sideshow Snallygaster - Part 2 is a holotape in Fallout 76.


  • The tape can be found at Watoga Civic Center, in the concession booth near section B5.
  • One copy accompanies the corresponding issue of Tales from the West Virginia Hills, along with one copy of part 1. Issues of the magazine are randomly found throughout Appalachia, including a selection of potential spawn points.


Narrator: Tonight, we bring you the final chapter of Sideshow Snallygaster! When last we left off, two boys, Billy and Teddy, were headed towards the funhouse, trying to shake off the upsetting rumor that a dangerous beast escaped its cage.


Teddy: Wow, this funhouse is bonkers.

Teddy: It's a hall of mirrors.

Teddy: Get a load of me. My body looks so big and fat in the reflection.

Billy: And this mirror makes me look tall and big!

Teddy: Whoa... and this one makes you look like you have a tail...


Billy: Teddy, that's not your tail.

<low screech>

Billy: It's the snallygaster's! Look out, it's coming right at you!

Teddy: Ah!


Billy: Its head's stuck in the mirrors!

Teddy: Eww! look at all those eyes on its back!

Billy: The snallygaster is real! I knew it. And look over there, is that a body on the floor?

Teddy: The snallygaster must have killed him. Who knows how many other people he must have gobbled up in here.

<glass shattering>

Billy: The creature's loose. Let's scram!


Teddy: Yahh! It's got me! It's got its tongue around me! Help me Teddy!

Carnival barker: Down girl, down!

Billy: It's the carnival barker. Help us!

Carnival barker: I said down!

Teddy: I'm free! I'm free!

Carnival barker: That's right, girl. Easy now!

Billy: That was a close one.

Teddy: Thank you so much, mister!

Carnival barker: Say, where are your parents, boys?

Billy: We're here alone. But don't worry, we'll tell everyone all about this and how you saved our lives!

Carnival barker: I was afraid you might say that.

Teddy: What do you mean?

Carnival barker: What I mean is that there's good publicity and there's bad publicity, and I always need to make sure I'm in control of both. A close call like this could be the end of... business. And I can't risk that, now, can I?

Billy: But mister, we won't tell anyone if you don't want, we swear it, don't we Teddy?

Teddy: Cross our hearts and hope to die?

Carnival barker: Well now, I couldn't have said it better myself. Suppertime girl...


Narrator: The next day, the carnival pulled up stakes, and moved on to the next town. Because the show must go on at any cost.

Be sure to tune in next week for another thrilling chapter of: Tales from the West Virginia Hills!