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Sideshow Snallygaster - Part 1 is a holotape in Fallout 76.


  • The tape can be found on the roof of Watoga Estates in the concession stand near the monorail.
  • One copy accompanies the corresponding issue of Tales from the West Virginia Hills, along with one copy of part 2. Issues of the magazine are randomly found throughout Appalachia, including a selection of potential spawn points.


Narrator: Welcome back, dear listeners! It's time once again to put aside all you think you know, all you believed to be true. Time to open your mind to the strange, bizarre, and sometimes terrifying world that exists in the shadows and fringes of our own. Where myth, legend and rumour are made real. Yes, it's time for more thrilling Tales from the West Virginia Hills!

In tonight's chilling story: Sideshow Snallygaster. The carnival has come to the Tyler County Fairgrounds. Billy Harding and his dad wander past the games and rides. Cotton candy in hand, peanut shells and popcorn, crunching beneath their feet, as a sideshow barker touts a frightful attraction.

Sideshow barker: Hurry, hurry, hurry, come one, come all! Come and see the snallygaster! The most dreaded creature of this side of creation. Once a winged beast, hunting the pre-historic skys, the cruel mistress of time has turned its wings into mere appendages. Spawning this fearsome, six-legged monstrosity. Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up and behold the stupendous snallygaster!

Billy: Dad, I wanna go see the snallygaster.

Dad: Oh, hogwash. Sideshows are a swindle, Billy. All just smoke and mirrors.

Billy: But he said he has six legs!

Dad: Trust me, son. When you get inside all you'll see is a... is a shaved bear, with extra legs glued on.

Billy: Aw, dad, please. I'm begging you.

Teddy: Billy! Billy!

Dad: Whoa, Whoa, slow down there, champ.

Teddy: Sorry, Mister Harding.

Billy: Hi Teddy! Were you just in there looking at the snallygaster? My dad's says it's a fake.

Teddy: I tried, but it costs five tickets.

Billy: Five tickets? It's gotta be real if it costs that much.

Teddy: Yeah, that's what I thought too!

Dad: You know it was a carny who coined the phrase: "There's a sucker born every minute".

Billy: Dad...

Teddy: Anyway, when I didn't have enough tickets, I tried sneaking in.

Billy: You did not!

Teddy: Did so! Sorry Mr. H.

Dad: Haha. It's ok, Teddy, your secret's safe with me.

Teddy: Gee thanks. So I went around the back looking for a place to sneak under the tent and overheard two workers say the snallygaster escaped.

Billy: Escaped? You're kidding!

Dad: Alright, alright. I hate to break it to you boys, but that's just a publicity stunt, to stir up intrigue.

Teddy: Those men were scared stiff.

Billy: What should we do dad?

Dad: Well, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm going home. If you two wanna stay longer then so be it.

Billy: But what about the snallygaster?

Dad: Huh, like I said. No such thing. Just don't dawdle too long, understand? They're closing soon.

Billy: Ok, dad.


Billy: You think he's right about it being fake?

Teddy: I don't know.

Billy: Well, the only thing I have enough for is the funhouse. Wanna go?

Teddy: Same here. Come on, it's this way.

Narrator: Something is loose at the carnival. But is it a menacing beast? Or just a cock and bull hoax? Tune in next time for the thrilling conclusion of Sideshow Snallygaster!