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Shredder is a weapon mod for the minigun in Fallout 4.


The shredder modification to the minigun allows the player character to get close to an enemy and while the barrel spins, will shred the enemy, dealing massive amounts of damage with the Basher perk. This only functions if the player has no 5mm ammunition, and drains AP during use outside power armor.


Screw (5)
Steel (7)
Shredder (1)


The shredder modification can be added to the minigun at any weapons workbench around the Commonwealth.


  • The shredder modification's damage only scales off of the Basher perk. Big Leagues, Heavy Gunner, Rooted, Lone Wanderer rank 3, and Bloody Mess will not scale its damage.
  • Increases to melee critical damage will also not apply to its critical damage, including Grognak the Barbarian magazines or the Melee bobblehead. However, Better Criticals will, as its critical damage increases are generic.
  • The accelerated barrel mod will also not scale the shredder's DPS, as it hits at a constant rate of 20 times per second, independent of rate of fire or barrel modifications.
  • It does not scale off of percent-based damage increases from chems such as Psycho or Overdrive. However, it will benefit from the generic critical chance gained from Overdrive.