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Showdown in Skull Canyon is a scenario for Fallout: The Roleplaying Game created by Robert Adducci and published by Modiphius Entertainment.


Skull Canyon is a remote part of the Mojave Wasteland that a group of humans and mutants call home and have been under the radar of the occupying New California Republic. Doc Mitchell was contacted by locals of Skull Canyon who suspect that tensions are nearing a breaking point and he has contacted the players to help ease the possibility of a showdown.


  • Doc Mitchell, doctor from the town of Goodsprings
  • Zara'el, a slender mutant that listens to radio chatter
  • Marcus Kane, a human companion that comes when the price is right
  • William "Bill" Wilson, a muscular man who has heard rumors
  • Sally Jessup, a rugged woman who was formerly a trader that now acts as Xarn's translator
  • Vexx, a wiry hairless gray mutant who specializes in trading strange technology
  • Hungry Hank, a burly, leathery skinned mutant who sells street food for humans and mutants
  • Xarn, the slender and enigmatic mayor of Skull Canyon who speaks an unknown language
  • Ranger Sergeant Jackson, the grizzled and graying leader of the NCR platoon sent to Skull Canyon
  • Corporal Thompson, second-in-command of the NCR platoon
  • Corporal Brown, a deserting lone wolf trooper
  • Specialist Granger, the designated marksman of the platoon
  • Private Nguyen, the idealist who is in charge of first aid
  • Private Mark Aurelius, a trooper who prefers to use melee
  • Private Ramirez, a missing private
  • Sarah Miller, resident of Skull Canyon
  • Nok, chief scientist


  • Twinjaw Rattler
  • Skull Canyon Zetan


  • Skull Canyon
    • Town Hall
    • Vexx's stall
    • Hungry Hank's stall
    • Power Cell Factory
    • Town hospital
    • Nearby caves
    • Zetan lab
  • Mentioned Area 51


  • Biogel
  • Epoxy
  • Inertia Suppression Field