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For an overview of shovels appearing in the Fallout series, see shovel.
FalloutShelterAppleStoreLogoThe following is based on Fallout Shelter or Fallout Shelter Online and some details might contradict canon.
Versatile and reliable. No Dweller should be without one.— In-game description

A shovel is a rare junk item in Fallout Shelter.


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Items Name Count
Weapons Blackhawk 2
Smuggler's End 3
Kneecapper 2
Red Rocket 1
Ol' Painless 1
Lone Wanderer 1
Lead Belcher 4
Fat Man 4
Auto pipe pistol 2
Fire hydrant bat 3
Armor piercing sniper rifle 2
Armor piercing minigun 3
Armor piercing .32 pistol 1
Gauss rifle 2
Lincoln's repeater 1
Railway rifle 2
Pressurized flamer 3
Double-barrel combat shotgun 2
Long pipe rifle 2
Calibrated pipe rifle 2
Pickaxe 3
Wazer Wifle 3
Magnetron 4000 3
Minigun 2
Tuned laser pistol 1
Butcher knife 4
Flamer 3
Scoped pipe pistol 2
Rusty Gauss rifle 2
Rusty laser rifle 2
Rusty Fat Man 4
Rusty railway rifle 2
Rusty minigun 2
Rusty flamer 3
Focused laser pistol 1
Tactical Junk Jet 3
Enhanced sniper rifle 2
Enhanced Fat Man 5
Enhanced railway rifle 2
Enhanced minigun 3
Enhanced flamer 3
Guided Fat Man 5
Hardened sniper rifle 2
Amplified laser rifle 3
Hardened Fat Man 5
Hardened 10mm pistol 1
Amplified laser pistol 1
Hardened minigun 3
Hardened flamer 3
Hardened .32 pistol 1
Junk Jet 2
Recoil compensated Junk Jet 2
Farmer's Daughter 3
Bayoneted pipe rifle 2
Electrified Junk Jet 3
Outfits Sturdy battle armor 4
Sturdy metal armor 2
Heavy synth armor 4
Heavy raider armor 4
Theme BoS diner 5
BoS living quarters 4
Minutemen diner 1
Minutemen living quarters 2


  • Found by dwellers exploring the wasteland
  • Finding them randomly during quests
  • From quest rewards
  • Breakdown weapons and outfits


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