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The Short Loop (also referred to as the Little Loop) is a trade route that traverses through several towns in California and Nevada, primarily connecting New Vegas and the Boneyard.[1][2]


Short Loop, contrary to its name, is one of the larger trade routes in the American Southwest. It connects New Vegas and the Boneyard, while also passing through Sac-Town and New Reno[3] in the north. The trail leads through several hundred miles of solid desert, making water a precious commodity. Its scarcity is one of the reasons why Hub-backed caps became the standard currency of the wastes once more in the late 23rd century: NCR merchants back their caps with water, sold to caravans traveling the Short Loop.[1] Private Jeremy Watson's father worked on the route as a caravan guard. This fact is mentioned by President Aaron Kimball in his speech to the troops at Hoover Dam.[4]


The Short Loop is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas and in its add-on Honest Hearts.

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