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Welcome to the Shop-Tec computerized trading system, an advanced experimental vending machine to help you get the equipment that you'll need for daily post-apocalyptic living!

Shop-Tec is a Vault-Tec robotic system implemented in the company's Corporate Vault. It consists of a network of terminals that is designed as a shopping interface for the vault dwellers. The system was adapted to accept caps as currency.

Shop-Tec terminals appear like big, arcade-like boxes. When activated, they reveal a CD-ROM-like pod which is actually a holo-projector. The Vault Boy 3D holographic image appears on this pod and interacts with a customer. Even though terminals use the Vault Boy as visual representation, its voice is female.

During the attack on the Vault by Attis' army and eradication of nearly every human, Shop-Tec analyzed the situation and collected or created various weapons and items which could be needed by survivors to fight super mutants or other wasteland threats. Consequently, Shop-Tec comes in handy when the Initiate of the Brotherhood of Steel comes to the Vault to fight the super mutants.

It is known that the Initiate has found a broken, yet repairable Shop-Tec terminal which he later repaired, after finding some spare parts. Through this terminal, it is revealed that Shop-Tec could educate itself and probably uses some words it heard from its customers, such as the word "fucking."[1]


  • There are two versions of Shop-Tec with each carrying its own inventory. One may be encountered in the more general areas of the game, while the other has better equipment in the more dangerous areas.
  • All of the terminals are somehow connected to each other by the same version.
  • The Shop-Tec terminal was voiced by Betty Jean Ward.


Shop-Tec terminals appear only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.


  1. Shop-Tec's dialogue: "Warning! Unauthorized tampering with Shop-Tec circuitry may yield undesirable results! In other words... quit fucking around!"