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This is a transcript for dialogue with Shooting range attendant.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0002648A Like to shoot things up? This is the place for you!
2 00187DCC Strap on yer six guns. It's shootin' time!
3 002C2BCF Fire away for the cheapest price in Appalachia! Or it would be if the economy still functioned.
4 TWZ03_Intro 0013DB39 I go through paper targets so quickly. The weather destroys them in just a couple days. It certainly isn't all the customers shooting at them.
5 Could you be a dear and go get me some fresh targets? I know it's pointless, but my programming demands it.
6 00282A69 Welcome to the Clarksburg Shooting Club. I'll be your attendant today.
7 Not that there is much point in it. I mean, look around. It's been decorated in early disaster.
8 But my programming insists I keep this place up and running.
9 If you would get some fresh targets and put them up, I would be grateful.
10 By the way, only use official targets. No setting up beer bottles or tin cans to shoot at. I was required to say that.
11 0034784A Those blasted paper targets. They really don't hold up to the wind and rain, not to mention the radioactive fallout.
12 Unfortunately my programming demands I keep fresh paper targets in place, no matter how unnecessary it may be.
13 0034784B The targets are shredded again. No telling if it was the mongrels or the storm the other day.
14 Some fool programmed me to be agitated unless there are always fresh targets up. I could really use your help with that.
15 003474F2 Are you.. yes, you are! You're a customer. Excited, surprised
16 0039AF83 A customer! Excited, surprised
17 003EB30E It's been so long since I've had a customer. Excited, surprised