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Shocker glove is the name of a holotape in Fallout 3. It contains instructions for the Shocker.


The tape is found, with the Shocker, at the end of the flooded metro, west of Arlington Library, opposite a large ruined traffic pile-up.


Shocker Glove
Dear Consumer:

Thank you for your participation in the exciting Shocker Glove pilot program. You're receiving a prototype FSGv118-b model of the Shocker Glove. Please reference this prototype number in any future correspondence. We encourage you to make this prototype a part of your daily life, and look forward to your valuable feedback.
Thanks from all of us at the Shocker Glove R&D Team!
PS: Shocker Glove prototypes are not for use in water, public, near small children or domesticated animals. This is not a kitchen appliance and should not be used near uncooked food. Use of Shocker Glove prototype constitutes a binding agreement to hold manufacturer harmless for any and all legal purposes. During prolonged use, severe electrical burns may occur. Do not look directly at Shocker Glove while operating. Some prototype models have proven sensitive to certain radio frequencies during use. If you suspect radio interference, please submit a malfunction report listing FCC broadcast frequencies in operation at the time, and report to nearest emergency medical facility in your area.