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Shining Creek Cavern is a location in the Skyline Valley region of Appalachia.



Shining Creek Cavern is a mid-sized cave that connects to the organics sector of Vault 63. The exterior of the cavern has some construction equipment and crates. It may be populated by three Lost, though they may not always be present.

The entrance of the cave leads into a larger room around a central pillar, which is populated by several radscorpions and leads up an incline down into a lab room with a door to the organics sector. This door can be unlocked during The Powerhouse of the Cell and is initially the only way through the cave; two fence gates (one in a passage below the incline and another above) lead deeper in the cave but cannot be unlocked until later. The lab has a terminal and some aid items, and is filled with radroaches (as well as the corpses of two security officers).

The inner part of the cave is not accessible until later during the quest. The key to the aforementioned fence gate is found in the organics sector greenhouse. This key also unlocks a pipe in the greenhouse that leads into the deepest part of Shining Creek Cavern. This area is home to a deathclaw. Entering the area during the quest will also cause the player character to experience severe auditory and visual hallucinations, including ghostly whispers and apparitions of hostile shadows which appear and disappear out of nowhere. These shadows take the form of various creatures, including super mutants, Scorched, deathclaws, and Mothmen, but generally do little to no damage, and disappear upon attacking or taking any damage. This effect does not disappear until later during The Powerhouse of the Cell.

Between the inner room with the deathclaw and the central area of the cavern are two cave rooms, one with a small trailer and a dead scientist that is populated by cave crickets, and another with a yao guai corpse that is populated by two wendigos.

Notable loot[]


The map marker for Shining Creek Cavern is not marked as discovered until entering the cavern interior.


Shining Creek Cavern appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


  • PCPC The entrance to the cavern appears to be blocked. However, the cell itself can still be entered.[verification needed]