The Shi-town Docks is a location inside Fallout 2. It docks one ship, the PMV Valdez.


These docks were used by ship workers to do common things associated with ship work. There are also stairs that people used to access the beach. They were the only way to access ships docked here. By 2241 the docks are relatively intact and are still standing. People use it to access the ship docked here. Pre war machinery and waste, mainly radioactive waste barrels litter the walkways.


The docks connect the tanker and the city of San Francisco. Here the dock workers live and work.

This ship is the "ticket" to the base of Enclave operations. It needs some work, like installing the NavComp part and a lot of fuel.

Badger, a well-known person in the tanker, requires help to get his girlfriend back. Some Hublogists need to take him down so that the vagrants will admire the Hubology.

Also, Chip has been drunk so much he lost his spleen. He requires the organ back.


Shi-town Docks appears only in Fallout 2.


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