Shenley's Oyster Bar is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is most easily accessed by fast traveling to Vault 114 and traveling west.


The only initial point of access is the street to the east and a path nearby to the south. These paths are mined and guarded by a single sentry turret, so care must be taken when approaching. There are doors to the north and west, but these are chained from inside and initially inaccessible. There is a chemistry station in the inner courtyard near the west chained door.

There are raiders in the exterior courtyard and the diner area of the building, along with more inside and on the roof. The entrance to the building is inside the diner, behind the counter and to the right. The building itself consists of a back kitchen area and a stairwell to the roof. No other floors are accessible.

On the roof there is a table with a leveled sniper-type weapon above an ammo box. Continuing further, there is a small shack that contains an explosives box near a sleeping bag. Above this is a steamer trunk with leveled loot next to some generic fixed crates. Climb them to reach a duffle bag and a chem box.


Shenley's Oyster Bar appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenesEdit

On the top floor of the bar, there is a skeleton with its right arm handcuffed to a dismembered skeletal right arm and hand. The presence of a hack saw in front of the skeleton implies that the arm of a fellow captive could have been, ironically, sawn off rather than the handcuffs. This is a potential reference to the film Saw.


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