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Sheng Kawolski's house is an unmarked location in Diamond City in 2287. It belongs to Sheng Kawolski, self-made-boy and entrepreneur, who uses the shack as his home and office.


This house in the city's outfield (south of Abbot's house on a raised metal platform over the lake) contains only a single small room, with a wall of wooden planks and a string of tin can chimes separating the entrance area from the sleeping area. The latter section features some Halloween decorations, an owned sleeping bag, and two metal shelves lined with cardboard boxes, ten boxes of Sugar Bombs, and seven canisters of purified water.

Notable loot

Nuka-Cola Quantum - Outside the house, on the metal shelves to the left of the entrance.

Related quests


  • Sheng Kawolski's house key is needed to enter the house without lockpicking the Novice-locked door.
  • The first time the Sole Survivor approaches the building, they can overhear an argument between Sheng and a Diamond City security officer, with the officer impressing upon Sheng that he cannot sell the purified water from the reservoir and questioning the lake's cleanliness, and Sheng pushing back, incredulous over the regulatory oversight.


Sheng Kawolski's house only appears in Fallout 4.