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Sheng Kawolski's house is a building within Diamond City in 2287. It belongs to Sheng Kawolski. It is located next to Diamond City Radio and Abbot's house.


This small shack overlooking Diamond City's water reservoir is the home and office of Sheng Kawolski, self-made-boy and entrepreneur. Entering it through the Novice-locked door reveals that for all his bluster, he's still a kid at heart, with a penchant for Halloween decorations and Sugar Bombs.

The first time the Sole Survivor approaches the location, they can overhear an argument between Sheng and a Diamond City security officer, where the officer is impressing upon Sheng that he cannot sell the water and Sheng pushes back, incredulous over the regulatory oversight.


Inside the house, a wall of wooden planks separates the entrance area from the only other room. The room only contains a sleeping bag and two shelves lined with boxes, Sugar Bombs, and purified water.

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Sheng Kawolski's house appears only in Fallout 4.