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The Appalachian Shelters Claim Center, commonly known as the Shelters Claim Center, is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia.


Prior to the Great War, the claim center was preparing a marketing campaign to launch Vault-Tec Shelters, essentially personalized Vaults designed for smaller groups than the traditional societal preservation variants that had made Vault-Tec a household name. Two engineers, Jameson Grillo and Aaron Bradie, were staffing the claim center when the bombs dropped. For nearly two months, they attempted to contact the outside world via landline and even attempted to hack into the Vault 51 internal network to no avail. Due to the extreme cold they were experiencing in the harsh winter of 2077, the two men were forced to abandon the claims center and head south along the Potomac River in search of a warmer climate. Mr. Clark stayed behind, refusing to abandon his post.

After escaping the neighboring Vault 51, Reuben Gill spent several months in the claim center, attempting to gain access to the Vault's internal network. He eventually managed to do so after utilizing Mr. Clark in the process. Gill made a disturbing discovery that shook him to the core: Vault 51 wasn't fully automated as he had been led to believe. Worse still, Mr. Clark began to refer to Gill as "Mr. Candidate" and reported odd memory glitches, making Gill suspect that ZAX had gained access to the robot's network. These circumstances made Gill set out to find additional supplies to set up defenses to keep him safe in the claim center.[1] However, Gill never returned. A corpse matching his description can be found at the isolated cabin.


The exterior consists of nothing more than an unassuming hatch and a Shelters advertisement poster. Upon entering the hatch, one is greeted by a long, narrow lobby that contains a weapons workbench and a foosball table. In the adjoining room is Mr. Clark, a unique Mister Handy tasked with sales and customer service for Vault-Tec Shelters. This room also contains a chemistry station in the mess hall area, an armor workbench in Reuben Gill's makeshift sleeping area along with his safe.

Notable loot


The Shelters Claim Center appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.