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Shelters are an expansion to the C.A.M.P. system in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.


The purpose of the Shelters project was to produce unique interior expansions to homes.[1] They were advertised as homes of the future for ideal living in a post-apocalyptic world.[2] Jameson Grillo and Aaron Bradie were two of the scientists working on the project.[3]


Shelters are instanced C.A.M.P.-like interiors with separate budgets and relaxed building rules, but also act as separate homes from the C.A.M.P. proper, having both their own building budget and special Vault-Tec themed decorations or house parts that can be only used in the Shelter. Certain types of objects are prohibited, and different shelter types may have different entrance designs. On the world map, the C.A.M.P.s of teammates with Shelters are marked with a small radiation icon. A terminal at the Shelters Claim Center acts as an in-game help guide to various Shelter features.


Shelters have the following unique features:

  • Instanced interior with increased budget independent from C.A.M.P. and other Shelters
  • Objects can be placed without support (i.e. floating)
  • Can toggle object snapping on/off
  • Relaxed object boundary/clipping restrictions
  • Persistent interiors even after moving C.A.M.P.
  • Death inside a Shelter doesn't drop a loot bag
  • Control panel may be used to repair or scrap all objects
  • Built-in "foundation" floors with standard snapping points
  • Shelter entrances may be placed inside other Shelters
  • Teammates may build in each others instances
  • Teammate C.A.M.P.s containing unlocked Shelters have a "Shelter" icon next to the standard C.A.M.P. icon
  • Objects from the following categories cannot be built: Allies, Food, Water, Resources, Displays, and Vendors


Shelter Acquired
Description Editor ID Form ID
Vault Atrium Shelter Atomic Shop
(1800 Atomic Shop)
Build to new heights in the safety of your own Vault Atrium Shelter! This Shelter features an extra tall building area and Overseer's Room.
Build this entrance to access your Atrium Shelter.
SheltersLocation_VaultAtrium 005B1E4D
Vault Lobby Shelter Fallout 1st reward Fallout 1st
Atomic Shop
(1500 Atom)
Give your vault an appropriate entry way with the Vault Lobby Shelter.
Features a Vault door and separate back room.
Build this entrance to access your Lobby Shelter.
SheltersLocation_VaultReception 005B5253
Vault Quarters Shelter Atomic Shop
(1500 Atom)
Give your friends their own space in your Vault Quarters Shelter. Features four separate living spaces.
Build this entrance to access your Quarters Shelter.
SheltersLocation_VaultLivingQuarters 005B1E4E
Vault Server Room Shelter Atomic Shop
(1500 Atom)
The Vault Server Room is perfect for the tech-savvy architect! Create a home amid the soothing hums and whirs of machinery in your new Vault Server Room Shelter. Shelter_ENTM_ShelterEntrance_VaultShelterRoom 005F9DF2
Vault Utility Room Shelter Home Expansion quest reward 700 Build the vault of your dreams in the safety of your Vault Utility Room Shelter.
Build this entrance to access your Utility Room Shelter.
Awarded on completion of "Home Expansion."
SheltersLocation_Barn 005A5A68
Abandoned Mine Shelter Atom Take refuge in your very own cave with the Abandoned Mine Shelter. 0060D364
Nuclear Missile Silo Shelter Atom What could go wrong building a Shelter in a Nuclear Missile Silo? 00620446
Forbidden Digsite Shelter Atom 0062E494
Waterfall Cave Shelter 005B4DC7
Mistress of Mystery Mansion 005B7D01
Greenhouse Shelter 005B36E6
Brotherhood Bunker Shelter 005A5A6B

Related quests

  • Home Expansion: Shelters are unlocked via completing the quest at the Shelters Claim Center located to the side of the sealed entrance to Vault 51. Speak to the Mister Handy waiting inside, Mr. Clark, register on the terminal, speak to him again, and the Shelter can be built upon the quest's completion.


Shelters only appear in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.





Server room

Utility room


Missile Silo

Concept art


  1. Vault Dweller: "What are Shelters?"
    Mr. Clark: "Shelters are expansions for your home. Each Shelter is a unique interior that comes ready to be built in and decorated by its owner."
    (Mr. Clark's dialogue)
  2. Vault Dweller: "Tell me more about Shelters."
    Mr. Clark: "Gladly! Shelters are the homes of the future, perfect for post-apocalyptic living. Each Shelter is a unique interior ready to be decorated! All Shelters come equipped with workshop functionality to allow you to create the home of your dreams - an escape from the dangers of Appalachia. Shelters are accessible via entrances like the one I just distributed to you. Simply place the entrance in your C.A.M.P. and step into your new home! Is there anything else I can help you with?"
    (Mr. Clark's dialogue)
  3. Vault Dweller: "Other people have been here?"
    Mr. Clark: "A few, over the years. Two of the scientists who were working on the Shelters project before the war used this Claim Center to hide from the bombs. They left in search of greener pastures once the blasts were over and I never saw them again. The Claim Center was empty for a long time after that. Mr. Gill is the only other person who's ever been inside. Aside from yourself, of course.*Sigh* Such a shame. So much good marketing gone to waste."
    (Mr. Clark's dialogue)