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Shelley van Lowe was the owner of the Van Lowe Taxidermy store in Lewisburg in Appalachia, inheriting the store from her parents.[1]


Shelley was Calvin van Lowe's sister and posted the Sheepsquatch ate my brother! posters all over Appalachia following his disappearance just after the Great War.[2]

While Shelley did not believe her brother had been eaten by a sheepsquatch, she was sure that his obsession with the cryptid had something to do with his disappearance.[3] Despite wanting to stay in Lewisburg after his disappearance to get closure with regards to his fate, Shelley had to leave the town to protect some people who she was caring for. She left a note for Calvin on his terminal, indicating that she planned to move to "where Mom and Dad said we'd always live some day," hoping that he would return and read the message.[4] She sold the store to the Bysshe Company prior to leaving town.[5]

She was unaware of the full nature of Calvin's employment by the Bysshe Company or of the existence of his secret lab in the basement of the store.[6]


Shelley van Lowe is mentioned only in the Fallout 76 add-on Wild Appalachia.


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