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Shelby O'Rourke was a Vault-Tec University researcher that specialized in cryptozoology, continuing her work even after the bombs fell.[1][2]


Like her father before her, Shelby was obsessed with finding evidence of cryptids. She dedicated her adult life to finding proof and enrolled in VTU to enrich her knowledge of technology to better her chances of capturing evidence of anything. At VTU, she was an exemplary student though a bit more eccentric than everyone else.[2] After persistent petitioning of VTU Dean Harland Elliot, she was granted some funding to pursue an investigation into cryptids as her senior thesis.[3] She set up camp at a shack from where she would mount sensors all around the region which would become the the Mire. Her work drew the attention of BADTFL officer, Curtis Wilson, who noted her determination to find proof of cryptids as a potential future asset.[2] She would also attempt to join the Truther Seekers with Ray Gary bringing her into the fold, but Scott Conroy became angry upon finding out she was from VTU and stormed out. The resulting scene put Shelby off from joining and would continue on with her work alone.[4]

After the Great War, Shelby continued attempting to capture evidence of any cryptid until one day, her sensors detected something. With nothing left to lose, she set out to investigate.[5] Her eventual fate is uncertain.


Shelby O'Rourke is mentioned in Fallout 76 and its update Wild Appalachia.


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