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Don't you think you're being stubborn, Pierce? We have a good little Brotherhood peon here at our disposal. We could make use of that.

Sheena is a raider in Appalachia.


As a child, Sheena would always win at the Blast Radius board game due to her strong tactical intellect.

In 2103, Sheena is the tactician of the Crater War Party and plans out their operations against the Brotherhood under the orders of Meg Groberg. Sheena is one of the three raiders that inhabit the Crater war room along with Burke and Pierce. She has known the two from back when she helped an imprisoned Pierce escape with Burke.[1] When Marcia Leone joins the gang, the young women become fast friends.

Sheena is rather misanthropic, saying she does not give two craps about humanity, saying the species has done nothing but abuse and betray each other, also pointing out their world has been destroyed by nuclear warfare. She mentions she will only look out for her and her own, saying the rest do not matter.[2]

In 2104, Sheena and Burke become imprisoned by the Hellcat Company in the basement laboratory of the AMS corporate headquarters.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character cannot be killed.
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This character is involved in quests.


  • Property Rights: After the confrontation with Pierce in the makeshift vault, the Vault Dweller meets Sheena when Pierce refuses to cooperate. Sheena strikes a deal to trade intel for intel; she will reveal the source of where the Raiders found their weapons if the Vault Dweller returns her holotape once it has been downloaded with Brotherhood information. The Dweller is free to refuse.
  • Missing Persons: Sheena and Burke go to the AMS corporate headquarters, but there, they become captured and imprisoned in the basement by Kit and the Hellcat Company. The Vault Dweller and Marcia set out to rescue them.

Other interactions

  • If one calls Burke a freak in conversation with them, Sheena will come to their defense, though Burke will remark that they are not surprised by such remarks anymore.[3]
  • Telling Sheena she can rot in prison will result in a "fuck you" from her.
  • If Marcia is convinced back to go back to Fort Atlas, Sheena will be extremely disappointed and tries to remind Marcia that the Brotherhood of Steel are their enemies. Marcia tells her that even though they may not be together, she will always view Sheena as her family and that she will never forget the impact she and the rest of of the group had in her life.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Treasure hunter outfit Random ranged weapon
Molotov cocktail, Frag grenade
1-5 pre-War money, Stimpak

Notable quotes

  • "How's it going? Wait. I don't care."
  • "I'll have to tally up the new Raiders. Hope they're not weaklings."
  • "Hm. My fault for depending on someone."
  • "How much of an idiot do you have to be to launch a nuke on your own living space?"
  • "What don't I do around here? Pierce has a way with words, but if he was in charge of our combat operations we'd all be dead. Everyone else is too busy writing war cries or painting skulls on their armor to make a plan. I don't mind it, though. Doing things myself means that other people can't mess it up."
  • "Oh, so you noticed? Let me just adjust my attitude for you real quick... There we go. Fuck off."
  • "Hey! Don't you fucking talk to Burke like that!"
  • "I don't give two craps about humanity. As a species, we've done nothing but abuse and betray each other. And beyond that, look at what we've done to this Earth. So I look out for me and my own. The rest don't matter."
  • "Fuck you. You better hope on your life that we don't get out of here."
  • "Marcia... no, why would you go back to them? The Brotherhood are our enemies."


Sheena appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update and expanded upon in Steel Reign.



  1. Burke: "My employer was holding Pierce prisoner. I was his guard. Even in that situation, Pierce treated me like a person. Not as a tool. He saw me. When Sheena arrived, we all escaped together. The rest is history."
    (Burke's dialogue)
  2. Sheena: "I don't give two craps about humanity. As a species, we've done nothing but abuse and betray each other. And beyond that, look at what we've done to this Earth. So I look out for me and my own. The rest don't matter."
    (Sheena's dialogue)
  3. Vault Dweller: "What a freak."
    Burke: "..."
    Sheena: "Hey! Don't you fucking talk to Burke like that!"
    Burke: "It's okay. I'm not surprised anymore."
    (Burke and Sheena's dialogue)