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This is a transcript for dialogue with Shawna.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 So Dave gave you the okay, huh? Well, welcome then. 1
Neutral 50 I run the Museum of Dave, where the children of the Republic can learn about their heritage. 2
GREETING Anger 50 I have nothing more to say to you. You are the most un-Dave-like person I've ever met! 3
RDGottaGo I've got to go. Neutral 50 Yeah, and I have to get back to work. 4
RDMuseumContributeA1 Does the museum accept donations? Neutral 50 I'd never really thought about that before. Why do you ask? 5
I'm ready to sell you those Dave relics. Happy 50 Great! What do you have? 6
RDMuseumContributeA2 I happen to have some souvenirs from Dave's past for sale. Happy 50 Oh, wonderful! I'd be happy to accept your contribution on behalf of the Republic! 7
Happy 50 And Dave just increased the budget for the museum this year, too! I was going to buy books for the children, but this is far more important! 8
RDMuseumContributeA3 Well, everything here looks like a piece of junk. Anger 50 Sir, everything here is authentic! Dave said so himself! 9
Anger 50 Get out of my museum before I call for the Army of Dave! 10
RDMuseumContributeA4 Nevermind. Just thought I'd ask. Happy 50 That's alright. I'm used to the children asking funny questions, anyway. 11
RDNeverMind Actually, I think I have all the info I need. Neutral 50 Glad to hear it. 12
Who's running in the election?
You know, Rosie is running for president now. Neutral 50 Wow, really? I've always said that she'd make a great leader, and we've never had a woman lead us before... 13
You know, Bob is running for president now. Neutral 50 He is? Wow... Dave must be upset. 14
Have you heard that both Bob and Rosie are running in the election? Neutral 50 Wow, this is the first time we've had so many choices! 15
You know, Bob is running for president. Neutral 50 Hmm, I don't know that he stands much of a chance against Dave. 16
You know, Bob is running for president now. Neutral 50 Isn't he a bit young? I mean, Dave's been running the Republic since before Bob was born... 17
You know, Bob and Rosie are running for president now. Neutral 50 Wow, what's going on in this town? {"Wow, what's going ON in this town?"} 18
RDSubElectionSuggestion Have you considered running for the presidency? Neutral 50 Absolutely not. In fact, I'd vote for Dave twice if I could. 19
RDTopicElection I'd like to discuss the election with you. Neutral 50 Me? I'm not sure if I can help you... 20
RDTopicGoVote You should go vote, if you haven't already. Fear 20 But I did already! 21
You should go vote, if you haven't already. Fear 50 Oh no, Dave sent you to tell me that didn't he? I'll go right away I promise. 22
You should go vote, if you haven't already. Fear 50 I'm so sorry, I'll go right away I promise. 23
RDTopicMuseum This guy Dave has his own museum? Happy 50 Oh, yes. Everything here is from Dave's adventures in the Wasteland, before he founded the Republic. 24
Happy 50 I give a tour every day starting around 2pm. You should stop by then! 25
RDTopicRoD I'd like to know more about the Republic. Happy 50 Sure! The Museum of Dave is happy to answer any questions on behalf of the Republic of Dave's Office of Tourism! 26
I'd like to know more about the Republic. Neutral 50 Well, Bob is being even more of a jerk than usual. 27
I'd like to know more about the Republic. Neutral 50 I give a tour of the Museum of Dave every day at 2. You should check it out. 28
I'd like to know more about the Republic. Neutral 50 Every once in a while I hear something like a man screaming coming from the Capitol Building. 29
RDTopicRoDEND That's all I need to know. Happy 50 How very Dave-like. 30
RDTopicThisPlace What's your take on the Republic? Happy 50 The Republic of Dave offers a rich history rivaling that of the great nations before the war. 31
RDTopicWhosInCharge Tell me more about this Dave guy. Happy 50 President Dave is the savior of the Wasteland, bringing peace and order to the savages man has brought upon himself. 32
Happy 50 If you would like to learn more, please stop by the Museum of Dave's official tour at 2 PM. 33
RDTopicWives Dave has two wives? Happy 50 Dave revised the restrictive marriage laws of the Kingdom of Tom shortly after the Republic was formed. 34
Happy 50 Multiple marriages is now considered one of the great free freedoms of the Republic of Dave. 35
What can you tell me about yourself?
Tell me about yourself. Neutral 50 Me? I just run the museum and teach classes to the little ones. You know, truth, justice, and the will of Dave... 36
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Anger 25 Don't lie to me. Dave would have told me that if it were true. 37


I have to go now.
I'll leave you to the kids. Happy 50 Come back and visit the museum anytime! 38
HELLO HELLO Fear 20 Hi Mary. I mean Flower. Rachael! 39
HELLO Happy 50 Welcome to the Museum of Dave! 40
RDElectionTalk DaveElectionTalk Neutral 50 Was I supposed to do it? I didn't hear Dave saying we had to! 41
RDPackageDone RDPackageDone Happy 50 Ah, Dave. Lead our Republic to glory! 42
RDTeacherTalk RDTeacherTalk Neutral 50 Let's get class started. 43
RDTeacherTalk Neutral 50 So who can tell me how Dave saved the people from the wrath of Tom? 44
RDTeacherTalk Neutral 50 Somebody name three things Tom did wrong before Dave became the president. 45
RDTeacherTalk Neutral 50 Anybody know what year Dave took back the government for the people? 46
RDTeacherTalk Neutral 50 I hope you're paying attention, Rachael. I'll give another pop quiz. I'll do it. 47
RDTeacherTalk Neutral 50 Remember your homework is to prepare a speech on the "Merits of Dave." 48
RDTourGuideTalk RDTourGuideTalk Happy 50 So, I'll just get started on the tour of the museum then. 49
RDTourGuideTalk Neutral 50 To my far right is the baby carriage that our great leader slept in as a newborn baby. Unlike most babies, he never cried and his poop didn't stink. 50
RDTourGuideTalk Neutral 50 Dave had 8 siblings and made his own baseball team. The team was so good, in fact, the Wasteland team was so scared it never showed up to compete. 51
RDTourGuideTalk Neutral 50 The briefcase is the very one Dave took with him when he became fed up with the poor ways that his father ran the nation. 52
RDTourGuideTalk Neutral 50 Dave brought back many items from the Wasteland. It was artifacts like these that amassed the Republic's great wealth. 53
RDTourGuideTalk Neutral 50 Dave collects many war collectibles, including holotapes and war weaponry. 54
RDTourGuideTalk Neutral 50 This globe represents the whole planet that Dave traversed. Don't let its size fool you, the world is at least fifty times bigger than this. 55
RDTourGuideTalk Neutral 50 I don't know who put that tire there. 56
RDTourGuideTalk Neutral 50 These weapons were used against the USA before the bombs fell. Dave probably acquired these when he walked to China. 57
RDTourGuideTalk Neutral 50 Dave is a world-renowned marksman, known for shooting an apple out of the hand of a Raider from across the Potomac. 58
RDTourGuideTalk Neutral 50 Mounted to my left is the very head of the slain Deathclaw that Dave encountered during his quest through the Wastes. 59
RDTourGuideTalk Neutral 50 I know what you're thinking, and no, that's not a Brahmin skull. Brahmin have two heads, so there'd have to be two skulls for it to be Brahmin. 60
RDTourGuideTalk Neutral 50 Please, no touching. 61
RDTourGuideTalk Neutral 50 And that's the tour! I hope you enjoyed it! 62


BarterExit BarterExit Happy 50 What wonderful items for the Museum of Dave! 63