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Shawn Hockman is an independent scavenger operating in Appalachia. He is visiting Fort Atlas to protest after being robbed by a patrol claiming to be part of the Brotherhood of Steel.


Although he occasionally works with the Settlers of Foundation to get repairs and find inaccessible items, Shawn lives on his own and likes it that way, running independent scavenging jobs.[1] At some point, he was robbed at gunpoint by a group of power-armored men claiming to be from the Brotherhood of Steel. Regardless of whether or not the robbers were actually from the Brotherhood of Steel (Knight Shin says they absolutely were not), Shawn is frustrated that the Brotherhood would let people get away with this, especially in their name. The incident made him more sympathetic to the Raiders, stating that "at least they don't pretend to be the good guys."[2][3]

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Forging Trust


Forging Trust: Shawn is one of four civilians inside Fort Atlas, each with their own problems and requests for the Brotherhood of Steel. Knight Shin requests that the player character interview these civilians, though ultimately Shin discards Shawn's problem. Because the robbers were not actually from the Brotherhood, Shawn's problems are of no concern to him.


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Steel worker uniform


Shawn Hockman appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.


  1. Vault Dweller: "Would you tell me more about yourself?"
    Shawn Hockman: "I'm a scavenger, mainly. Always been pretty good with a set of tools, so I do all right for myself scrapping and fixing things. Trade what I find or fix with the folks at Foundation when I need something I can't get otherwise. Mostly, I like to be left alone."
  2. Vault Dweller: "Tell me what the problem is."
    Shawn Hockman: "The problem is that a couple of these Brotherhood clowns showed up and took a bunch of my stuff at gunpoint. I'm a peaceful man, I really am. Sure wasn't equipped to deal with armed thugs 'requisitioning' the little I've managed to put together for myself. Never understood the Raiders. I like the quiet life, I don't need much, and I need trouble less. But after this, I get it. At least they don't pretend to be the good guys."
  3. Vault Dweller: "Would you really become a Raider because of this?"
    Shawn Hockman: "Listen, I don't have much. But what's mine is mine, and these people took that from me. The Brotherhood pretends like they're noble, but then they let this happen? In their name? Raiders don't act like something they're not, and at least the gangs defend their own."