Shaun's holotape is a holotape in Fallout 4, recorded by the Sole Survivor's son, Shaun. There are two different versions of it, depending on the ending that the player character chose.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • The Nuclear Option version is obtained after the synthetic Shaun is spoken to in the aftermath of the destruction of the Institute, if he joined the Sole Survivor to leave before detonation.
  • The Nuclear Family version is obtained after real Shaun's death when the Sole Survivor visits the synthetic Shaun in the Advanced Lab.

Transcripts[edit | edit source]

Nuclear Option[edit | edit source]


If you are hearing this, then whatever conflicts you and I have endured are over. I have no reason to believe you'll honor the request I'm about to make, but I feel compelled to try anyway. This synth, this... boy. He deserves more. He has been re-programmed to believe he is your son. It is my hope that you will take him with you. I would ask only that you give him a chance. A chance to be a part of whatever future awaits the Commonwealth.

Nuclear Family[edit | edit source]


If you are hearing this, then the time has come. I am gone. I can no longer look after young Shaun. I hoped that you might be willing. He has been reprogrammed to believe he is your son. I hope that was not too presumptuous on my part. Both he and you deserved a chance to... To be a family. Please, take care of him.

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