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Sharon was an employee of Vault-Tec Regional HQ in 2077.


On the morning of October 13, 2077, Sharon accidentally spilled coffee on Frank Davidson's new shirt while in the lounge. Although he put up a good front, telling her it was fine and together having a good laugh about the whole thing, in reality, he wished to stab her in the throat with his pen if it ever happened again.[1]

Davidson's derangement would eventually be her undoing, as he murdered her on October 17. Her absence and lack of contact by the 19th had Walter Scott in a state of worry. Before her untimely demise, the highlight of his day was seeing her at lunch, when he went up to the employee lounge.[2] Her skeleton still lies behind the crates in the corner of the basement warehouse, along with the murder weapon, a single pen.


Sharon appears only in Fallout 4.


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