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Shannon Rivers' recording is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape is found on Shannon Rivers' corpse at Seneca Rocks, obtainable during the quest The Mistress of Mystery.


Olivia Rivers: Hello, mother.

Shannon Rivers: Olivia. Why?

Olivia Rivers: Wake up. Look around you, mother. This isn't one of your comic book fantasies. You're no hero. You're just a sad old woman who couldn't face the world. And you dragged all of us into your delusion. How many people have we killed? Hundreds? For what? Nothing changes. There will always be more raiders. Because they're right. There are no heroes. This is a world of villains. The strong survive. They rule. And mother? I am the strongest. You made me the strongest. I'm done living in the shadows. Done playing my part in your little farce. I've made my choice. It's time I took my place in the real world.

Shannon Rivers: You're worse than the raiders ever were. And far, far more dangerous. I'm sorry, Olivia. You've left me no choice.

*draws sword*

Olivia Rivers: Hmph.

*intense battle*

Shannon Rivers: Gaah! I'm... so sorry, Olivia. I wish... I wish it hadn't come to this.

Olivia Rivers: A hero to the end. Brody? You can come out now.

Brody: God, I've never seen anything like that... That's it, then?

Olivia Rivers: Yeah. She was the last. It's all over. Give me a hand, would you? Let's get out of here.

Brody: Sorry. One last thing?

*cocks gun*

Olivia Rivers: Brody, what?


Olivia Rivers: Aah....

Brody: Now it's over.