Shannon Rivers was a voice actress and a founder of the Order of Mysteries.


Shannon Rivers was born in Beckley, West Virginia, in 2024. Shannon made her radio debut in "Invaders from Planet Zed!" From 2051 onwards, she portrayed the Mistress of Mystery on the radio, including guest starring on the Silver Shroud's radio program. She was set to also portray the Mistress in the Silver Shroud's television program in 2077.[1] Producer Aaron Babowski decided to replace her with Claire Redelle which prompted a dispute between him and the lead writer Tina Hopkins who quit the project.[2]

After the Great War, she and her husband Frederick Rivers formed the Order of Mysteries, a sisterhood of adopted girls who were trained to fight like the Mistress of Mystery. Their daughter, Olivia, was also a member. The Order operated out of the secret facility under their home at Riverside Manor in Appalachia.

Shannon died in November of 2086 after confronting her daughter, who betrayed her and the Order. Her daughter was double-crossed by Brody, the raider who she was conspiring with, and her corpse can be found hugging her mother.



Shannon Rivers appears only in Fallout 76 and is mentioned in Fallout 4.