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Shanghai Sally: Conclusions is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The note can be found on the front desk at the Monongah Police Station, within the package for Sheriff Darcy. It can be placed on the green conspiracy board with chalk on it in the Grafton Pawn Shop.


Doing research into the conspiracy in Berkeley Springs I came across their own connection to Shanghai Sally. Sally was a summer news sensation, so I had heard of her, of course. But locals identifying her as Kathryn Montgomery made me curious.

The more I researched, the more oddities I found:

* Rutkowski reportedly went back east to deal with a family emergency the day after he gave testimony to the police. He has not been heard from since. This is despite his many close friends trying to find him.

* There are absolutely no records that a Kathryn Montgomery ever existed. Yet almost a dozen people claimed to know her very well, and recall her "chumming around" with other off-duty military personnel.

* Several other soldiers (regulars of bars and houses of ill-repute) went missing around the same time frame.
* Two of the Ultra-Luxe "mobsters" look very similar to those missing soldiers. But given the number of bullet wounds on the face and bodies, it's hard to make a positive ID.

* The streets of Berkeley Springs have more Army MPs on them than a military base. They've been here so long that the citizens don't even recognize how strange that is.

So connecting the dots and posing a theory... Shanghai Sally is Kathryn Montgomery. She and several accomplices somehow made over $20 million dollars and went to Las Vegas. Then the government found them and used any means necessary to silence them permanently.

I can feel it in my bones. The Treasure of Appalachia is real. Montgomery found it, and died because of it.

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