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Shanghai Sally: Berkeley Springs is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found on the front desk at the Monongah Police Station, within the package for Sheriff Darcy. It can be placed on the green conspiracy board with chalk on it in the Grafton Pawn Shop.



Date: 7-15-72
Reporting Officer: R. Miles

Detail of Event:
C. Rutkowski came into the precinct at around 9am. He had the Charleston Herald article about Shanghai Sally. He said that the woman in the picture wasn't Sally Smith instead it was Kathryn Montgomery, a US Army Sergeant. Rutkowski said that Montgomery had been missing for three weeks, they were apparently in a relationship.

Before the interview was concluded two other people (D. Whitby and J. Seamore) came in claiming they knew Shanghai Sally's "real identity," as well.

My partner and I went to interview some soldiers on R&R at Mike's. They indicated Montgomery was in charge of the motor pool, and they recognized her from one of Rutkowski's photos. When I showed them the Herald with the picture of Shanghai Sally, their demeanor changed and they excused themselves quickly.

Actions Taken:
Notes were gathered from this and the chief said they would be passed along to the FBI. They've claimed jurisdiction. We were told it must be a "look-alike." Apparently it's pretty common in high profile cases. The resemblance, though, is truly remarkable.

All notes, records, and testimony has been boxed and sent by military courier to the FBI.

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