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Shale is a shady super mutant in Austin.


Shale is an inhabitant of the city of Austin. He has his sights set on seizing control of the super mutant population from Keats, who has hopes that humans and mutants could live together peacefully. Like Keats, his intentions are hindered by an infestation of mutant plants and a lack of power in the city.[1]

Interactions with the player character

  • Shale will approach the player character in Austin if they have a bad reputation. He wants the mutant plants dealt with so the power can be restored allowing him access to a small weapons depot on the other side of town. After this, Shale will inform the player character of a plan by the Twisted Hairs to attack the Brotherhood of Steel base of operations in the Alamo. This path leads to meeting up Harpy and the player character killing Paladin Haig. Shale will also have taken the data chip found in Austin and offered to interpret it for a price. After Haig is killed the player character returns to Austin where Shale will have interpreted the data chip. Shale will finally task the player character with assassinating Keats during his speech.[1]
  • After reaching the Corpse, the player character will need to return to Austin at some point where Shale will now be waiting with a group of super mutants under his command, he and his group will need to taken out to progress.[2]


Even if the player character does not side with Shale, Keats will still be assassinated leading to Shale's take over and encountering him and his group upon returning from the Corpse.[3]


Shale was to appear in the canceled Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2.