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Shake Down is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Quick walkthrough

  • Speak to Shank to select a settlement.
  • Choose a method to convince the leader to supply Nuka-World.

Detailed walkthrough

The Sole Survivor may choose a settlement that will send caps and supplies to Nuka-World, stored in the tribute chest at Fizztop Grille over time.

After speaking to Shank to begin this quest, the Sole Survivor must decide on the approach: convince the settlement peacefully or intimidate them by force.

Quest stages

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
20 Convince the Settlers at <Alias=MyLocation> to Supply your Gang
21 (Optional) Target the Settlement Leader with a Persuasion Grenade
22 (Optional) Power a Nuka-World Radio Transmitter at <Alias=NearbyRaiderSettlement>
100Quest finishedQuest completeSuccess! One more settlement providing Nuka-World with supplies.
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