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"Second Chance"
Yeah. Well you don't live here. There's nothing interesting to do, and believe you me, Brahma Tipping gets old real fast.Tandi in 2161

Shady Sands is a small settlement in New California around 2161, led by Aradesh, a multicultural former inhabitant of Vault 15, located five squares east of Vault 13. The town would eventually rise to become the most powerful faction on the West Coast: the New California Republic.


Many denizens of Shady Sands followed Dharma. Founded by a great ancestor of Aradesh belonging to one of the groups emerging from Vault 15, it was jump-started using the GECK,[1] which allowed the dwellers to establish a self-sufficient community and erect adobe buildings. In the 2240s, the small settlement grew and expanded, forming one of the most influential cities to emerge in the mid-23rd century, the New California Republic.

By 2161, it was a small, thriving, completely self-sufficient community, as they managed to adapt some of the wasteland soil to support crops (primarily corn and cabbage), drill a well to provide them with water, and even establish a brahmin herd. They kept mostly to themselves and proved large enough to deter most of the problems the wasteland presented, primarily the Khans raiders and the radscorpion attacks that plagued them. Both of these threats slowly escalated, as radscorpions were becoming more and more numerous and aggressive, while the raiders seemed hell bent on bringing them excitement at any cost. Their agriculture, while managing to sustain them in the arid region, was lacking as well.

These problems were alleviated by the Vault Dweller, who discovered the settlement en route to Vault 15. Initially distrusting, the inhabitants quickly warmed up to the hero as they proceeded to eliminate the radscorpion threat, and later rescued Tandi, Aradesh's daughter, from Khan captivity.

By 2241, Shady Sands had become one of the most significant settlements in New California, becoming the capital of the New California Republic with Aradesh as the nation's first president and Tandi as its second.[2]


Shady Sands is divided into three sections.

Shady Sands entrance
Shady Sands garden
Shady Sands brahmin pen


Fo1 Shady Sands Entrance
Main article: Shady Sands entrance

The only entrance into Shady Sands. People need to holster their weapons or they will not be accepted into the town.

Loot in Entrance


Fo1 Shady Sands Garden
Main article: Shady Sands garden

The garden is the field in which the inhabitants of Shady Sands grow their food.

Loot in Garden

Brahmin pen[]

Fo1 Shady Sands Brahmin Pen

The brahmin pen is the fenced-off coral that holds a brahmin herd for Shady Sands.



  • The town is typically the first settlement after Vault 13's caves that most player characters visit, due to its location along the path between Vault 13 and Vault 15, the vault the player character is advised to travel to at the start of Fallout.
  • If the player character encounters the traveling merchant Duc outside of Vault 13, he will explain that he is traveling to Shady Sands, and asks if the player character would like to be escorted there.
  • Two of Fallout's "talking head" characters, Tandi and her father Aradesh, reside here.
  • The two children running around town may end up facing each other and become unable to move. If this happens in front of Razlo's house, one may be forced to kill them in order to interact with him.
  • Argyle mentions in a radio broadcast in Fallout 3 that the act of planting primed grenades in an enemy's clothing as part of a reverse pickpocket is called the "Shady Sands Shuffle."[3]
  • It's very hard to see, but the house/shed near the farm has a sledgehammer and rope for the player character to take. It's on the floor, near the pot used to "grind grain."


Shady Sands appears in Fallout and as the town New California Republic in Fallout 2. It is also mentioned in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Fallout originally had a more dynamic wasteland, with the super mutants expanding and invading settlements across the wasteland as time passed by. The longer the player took to complete the game, the more settlements would be invaded, with all characters removed, with only super mutant invaders present. A remnant of this mechanic can be seen with Necropolis, where entering after 110 days pass triggers the invasion: All ghouls are killed off by script, with super mutant invaders added to surface maps, along with a ghoul refugee who recounts the invasion. The time limits are still included in Vault13.gam and are as follows:
    • Followers of the Apocalypse would be invaded 90 days after the start of the game (March 5, 2162).
    • Necropolis falls after 110 days (March 25, 2162).
    • The Hub falls after 140 days (April 24, 2162).
    • Lost Hills is invaded after 170 days (May 24, 2162).
    • Junktown is invaded after 200 days (June 23, 2162).
    • Shady Sands falls after 230 days (July 23, 2162).
    • Vault 13 finally falls and the game ends in a fail state after 260 days pass (August 22, 2162). This was modified to 500 days for release (corresponding to April 19, 2163).
  • In the end, the idea of introducing a distinct, invaded variant of the major locations was scrapped in favor of focusing on finishing the game. However, the time limits were retained and entering any of the locations except for the Brotherhood does trigger the corresponding bad ending in the end slides (eg. entering The Hub after 140 days pass triggers the destruction ending; for Followers, all that suffices is entering the Blades' map).
  • The time limit for the Vault 13 invasion was lengthened from 260 days to 500 for release, to reduce the time pressure, before being completely removed in subsequent patches. It was also affected by other factors: Purchasing healing from the Children of the Cathedral reduced the time limit by 1 day, ordering water deliveries from Martha Rastello reduced it by 90 days, while blowing up the Mariposa control computer to trigger the self-destruct sequence halved the invasion time limits for Vault 13, Shady Sands, and The Hub. The removal of the hard time limit only affected Vault 13, with the functionality retained for the other two locations.


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  1. The Chosen One: "Do you have a GECK?"
    Mikey Frazier: "A GECK? Well, that's old history, so what the hell. You mean the old Garden of Eden Kit. We had one - I mean our grandparents had one. Used it when they came out of Vault 15. Got this place started, they say. It's all used up now."
    (Mikey Frazier's dialogue)
  2. Kellogg memory radio broadcast: "And that makes it official folks, the final vote count from the Hub is in: 55% in favor of joining the New California Republic. All five states have now signed on, which means that as of this moment, we are all citizens of the New California Republic. I'm sure that's going to take some getting used to for a lot of people. But here in Shady Sands, people have been waiting for this day for a long time."
  3. Argyle: "Heh heh. The old "Shady Sands Shuffle." It sure brings me back. You two smoothskins okay?"
    (The Adventures of Herbert 'Daring' Dashwood and his Ghoul Manservant Argyle)
Shady Sands
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