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For the location in Fallout, see Shady Sands (Fallout).
For the location in Fallout 2, see New California Republic (town).

Shady Sands is the capital city of the New California Republic. With a population in the tens of thousands by 2241, it is the largest settlement in the post-War United States.


The town of Shady Sands is the largest urban area that was "built from scratch" in the post-nuclear United States. Founded in 2142 by one of the groups emerging from Vault 15, it was jump-started using the GECK, which allowed the dwellers to establish a self-sufficient community and erect adobe buildings. In the 2240's, the small settlement grew and expanded, forming one of the most influential political factions to emerge in the post-war United States, the New California Republic.

By 2161, it was a small, thriving settlement, completely self-sufficient, as they managed to irrigate some of the wasteland soil to support crops (primarily maize and cabbage), drill a well to provide them with water, and even establish brahmin herds. They kept mostly to themselves, but proved large enough to deter most of the problems the wastes presented, primarily the local Khans raiders and repeated attacks by radscorpions. Both of these threats slowly escalated, as radscorpions became more numerous and aggressive, while the raiders constantly focused their strength and numbers on the fledgling township. Their grown crops and resources managed to sustain the region, but were also always in short supply.

These problems were alleviated by the Vault Dweller, who discovered the settlement en route to Vault 15. Initially distrusting of the stranger, the inhabitants quickly warmed up to the hero as he/she successfully rid the community of the radscorpion threat, and later rescued Tandi, Aradesh's daughter, from captivity at the hands of raiders.

Following the establishment of the New California Republic, the township expanded rapidly, eventually transforming itself from a small agrarian settlement into the largest civilized population center in the Core Region, further prospering via trade with smaller, outlying townships. Almost nothing of the original Shady Sands remained, with only a few familiar looking buildings. The heart of the city is the Congress district, where the Hall of Congress and the Presidential Mansion are located.

The NCR's greatest resource is its vast herds of brahmin, which provide most of the NCR with as much meat and leather as is required. The brahmin barons and ranchers in NCR territories, along with the Stockmen's Association, hold a great deal of sway with the trade caravans and government for this reason.


The New California Republic is first mentioned in the end cutscenes for Shady Sands in Fallout and it first appeared in Fallout 2. The faction NCR, which expanded over southern California, plays a major role in Fallout: New Vegas.

Although not seen in Fallout: New Vegas, several NCR soldiers state that the capital city of New California Republic is their home town.

In Fallout 3, the 'stalwart ghoul manservant' Argyle mentions a 'Shady Sands Shuffle' - reverse-pickpocketing - as he slides live grenades into the pockets of hostile Super Mutants.

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