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Shady Sands is the capital of the New California Republic and one of its largest cities. It is also the largest known urban center built from scratch, without using pre-War ruins as the foundation, boasting a population of over 3000 inhabitants by 2241.[1] Shady Sands houses the Hall of Congress of the New California Republic, as well as the president and their office, headquartered in the same building.


A small and peaceful village. Probably the most promising community in the wastes.Ian

Shady Sands was founded by an ancestor of Aradesh after they left Vault 15.[2][Non-game 1][Non-game 2][3] The settlement was jump-started using the G.E.C.K., allowing for adobe buildings from sandcrete and rudimentary agriculture to be set up.[4] A protective wall was also erected to protect the city from raider tribes that formed in the winter, raiding outlying communities to replenish their food supplies.[Non-game 3] No one expected that the humble village would eventually culminate in the formation of the mighty New California Republic.[5]

Shady Sands

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Shady Sands in 2161

By 2161, it was a small but thriving settlement, completely self-sufficient, as they managed to irrigate the wasteland soil to support crops (primarily maize and cabbage), drill a well to provide them with water, and even establish brahmin herds. Their grown crops and resources sustained the settlement and provided goods for trade with other towns.[6]

The settlement kept mostly to itself, trading with the occasional merchant from Junktown.[7] It proved large enough to deter most of the problems the wastes presented, primarily the local raider clans (another surviving group from Vault 15) and repeated attacks by radscorpions. Both of these threats slowly escalated, as radscorpions became more numerous and aggressive, while the raiders constantly focused their strength and numbers on the fledgling township.

These problems were alleviated by the Vault Dweller, who discovered the settlement en route to Vault 15. Initially distrusting of the stranger, the inhabitants quickly warmed up to the hero as they successfully rid the community of the radscorpion threat, and later rescued Tandi, Aradesh's daughter, from captivity at the hands of raiders.[8]

Capital of the New California Republic

Shady Sands in 2241

In the period between 2161 and 2241, the small settlement grew and expanded, forming one of the most influential political factions to emerge in the post-war United States, the New California Republic (NCR). Tandi, the daughter of Aradesh, eventually rose to the title of president of the sprawling New California Republic. Following the establishment of the NCR, the township expanded rapidly.

By 2241, Shady Sands is often referred to simply as New California Republic, even if the name never officially changed.[9][10][11][12][13][14] The town has transformed from a small farming settlement into the largest civilized population center in New California, with over 3000 inhabitants by 2241.[1] It was made prosperous via trade with smaller outlying townships and its vast agricultural power. Almost nothing of the original village remains, only a few familiar looking buildings. The heart of the city is the Congress district, where the Hall of Congress and the Presidential Mansion are located.

It is a clean town filled with honest, hardworking folk – at least that's how President-for-life Tandi would like to have it. The reality falls somewhat short of that goal. The NCR does keep order within its walls with a large and competent police force. Outside the walls, the NCR has so far been operating through others, buying and trading for things that they cannot yet take by open force.[15][16]

By far Shady Sands' greatest resource at that point is its vast herds of brahmin, which provide most of the NCR with as much meat and leather as is required. The brahmin barons and ranchers in NCR territories, along with the Stockmen's Association, hold a great deal of sway with the trade caravans and government.

The State of Shady

Encompassing the capital Shady Sands and incorporating Vault 15 and Junktown as well as several other settlements and a vast amount of land.[Non-game 4] The state of Shady also borders the state of Maxson and the state of Hub, both of which are to the south, making Shady the northernmost state in the New California Republic.[17]

Shady Sands is a major part of the Republic's energy distribution network, hooked into the restored infrastructure bringing in power from Hoover Dam.[18]


The precise date of the settlement's founding is not established in any of the released video games and supplementary sources give conflicting information:

  • Fallout Bible 0 places the founding in spring of 2142. However, this conflicts with Jarvis' statement about its foundation by a great ancestor of Aradesh.
  • Fallout Bible 6 establishes that Vipers left Vault 15 in 2097 (64 years before the game's time), emerging alongside the settlers that would establish Shady Sands.


Shady Sands first appeared in Fallout, with the New California Republic only being mentioned in the end cutscenes. The NCR first appears in Fallout 2 as an advanced Shady Sands. In Fallout: New Vegas, Shady Sands is mentioned by missionaries in the quest G.I. Blues, alongside the Boneyard, Aradesh, and Vault 13,[19] and by Angela Williams at Camp McCarran.[18]

In the Fallout 3 Galaxy News Radio play The Adventures of Herbert "Daring" Dashwood, the "stalwart ghoul manservant" Argyle mentions a "Shady Sands Shuffle" - reverse-pickpocketing - as he slides live grenades into the pockets of hostile super mutants.[20]

In Fallout 4, there is a reference to Shady Sands in a case file about the Mysterious Stranger that can be found in the Valentine Detective Agency under a bed.[21] One can also hear Shady Sands mentioned on the radio in the childhood memories of Kellogg.[22]

In Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, the town is referred to as "Sandy Shores" after it became the capital city of the New California Republic. It is identified as the largest city in the Republic and one of the largest cities in the entire Wasteland.[23]



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