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Shadowbreeze Apartments is an unmarked location in Appalachia. It is a building within the city of Morgantown, north of Vault-Tec University.


Due to its convenient location in relation to Vault-Tec University, tenants of the Shadowbreeze Apartments saw a persistent increase in costs of living as the relatively wealthy students of VTU moved to Morgantown and into the apartment block. Some of the original residents resented the changes that they were seeing in the city, declaring it "not [their] Morgantown."[1]


Shadowbreeze Apartments consists of a four-story building occupied by feral ghouls. Doors exit to balconies on the building which are otherwise inaccessible. One exit on the third floor leads out onto the Morgantown monorail tracks.

The first floor consists of a lobby and closet, with the second and third floors consisting of two apartments to the left and right upon reaching the second and third floors. A side staircase in an apartment on the third floor leads up to the fourth floor and a room with a terminal and a locked safe.

Notable loot


Shadowbreeze Apartments appears only in Fallout 76.