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The stash doesn't exist. We searched everywhere down here and nothing, not one lousy gun. We managed to pick up some ammo, but that's about it. Now we're stuck here with these damn mutants streaming in and out of the tunnels. What are those bastards even doing?Hidden stash note

The sewer is an underground link between Pennsylvania Avenue and Seward Square. It is part of the metro system under the Capital Wasteland, but the end points have fallen in and it can only be accessed from sewer grates.



The two entrances to the sewer are not very obvious, with one being in Seward Square and the other at Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • The location of the Seward Square entrance is across the street from the Seward Sq. North Metro, in an alley that spawns a combination of 3 super mutants and/or centaurs. Two meet you going to the Sewer grate, and one spawns behind you right as you reach the grate.
  • The Pennsylvania Avenue entrance is very close to the Metro Central map marker. From there, head north around the other side of the station to the diner. Go west through the opening in the ornate wall, and veer northwest around the corner. As soon as you get past the rubble and reach the paved street, look to the right (north) for a grate in the sidewalk next to the rubble.


The sewer interior is a medium-large sized metro tunnel, with 3-4 super mutants, and a high possibility of multiple super mutant overlords spawning if one has Broken Steel installed and running. A door inside the tunnel opens up to a room located in the middle of the local map, with stairs that leads to a small upstairs area with several skeletons and a holodisk.

Notable loot


The stash, mentioned in the hidden stash note, is in a dead end located in the southeast area of the metro. It consists of several ammunition boxes that are hidden below a large piece of plywood in a blown out portion of the left wall.


This sewer appears only in Fallout 3.