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The Grayditch sewer is an unmarked location in Fallout 3. The sewer is a small underground series of tunnels located to the south of Grayditch and directly west of Falls Church Metro, in the vicinity of the ghoul outpost.


The first room one enters is irradiated above normal (3-4 rads/sec), with two tunnels to the north which shortly converge. The upper half of the first room, as well as the entire north tunnel, is filled with a gas trap. Two tripwires connected to grenade bouquets are located halfway up each tunnel and will set off the gas trap (and vice versa).

There are usually three feral ghouls in the area, who may set off the tripwire. In the middle of the righthand tunnel is a dead wastelander in between two grenade boxes, one of which has an Easy lock. At the top of the tunnel is another dead wastelander. With Broken Steel, several feral ghoul reavers may appear at higher levels.

Notable loot


  • The sewer does not appear on the main map as a location, but the entrance is marked as "Sewer" on the local map. The entrance is a large round sewer grate located at the base of a large radioactive crater.
  • The easiest way to locate this area is to fast travel to Grayditch and continue heading south until well past the scavenger's bridge.


This sewer appears only in Fallout 3.