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Trade with Canyon Runner if you like. Make trouble and things won't go well for you.

Decanus Severus is a quartermaster and Aurelius of Phoenix's second-in-command, living in Cottonwood Cove in 2281.


Originally the leader of his own contubernium assigned to the cove, Severus transitioned to the role of quartermaster when centurion Aurelius of Phoenix arrived.[1] Beyond taking care of the stocks of equipment and dealing with any captured gear, Severus also coordinates Legion patrols. The biggest problem is not the fact that the NCR avoids engagement with Legion raiding parties, particularly after the fall of Camp Searchlight, but the land mines the Army liberally peppers over the countryside to curtail Legion operations. The Legion has yet to develop a reliable method of disarming them.[2][3]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


Arizona Scavenger: The player character may trade NCR dogtags to him for food, weapons, armor, or ammunition and Legion fame after passing a Barter check of 35 with Aurelius of Phoenix.

Other interactions

  • If one has 50 Explosives skill they can tell Severus how to disarm NCR frag mines. This will earn experience, and +2 to Caesar's Legion fame. This can be repeated numerous time by simply asking about "Do you see much action against the NCR?" then saying "That is all for now." Then choose the text option of "I can show you how to disarm the NCR's mines," with passing the Explosive skill check and repeat the process.
  • If one has the powder charge schematics, they can teach Decanus Severus to craft them for +4 to Legion fame. The schematics for building powder charges can be found in cell block B of the NCR Correctional Facility on the first left top bunk inside the first locked cell on the left.

Trade items

Decanus Severus will trade NCR dogtags in varying amounts in exchange for certain items and differing amounts of Legion fame.

Main article: Arizona Scavenger

Decanus Severus will trade NCR dogtags in varying amounts in exchange for certain items and differing amounts of Legion fame (see bugs).

Weapons: (Note: asking to redeem for weapons immediately removes five dogtags from the player's inventory)

  • 20-25 NCR dogtags → 9mm SMG, +1 to Legion Fame
  • 25 NCR dogtags → laser pistol, +1 to Legion Fame
  • 30 (25) NCR dogtags → 10mm SMG, +1 to Legion Fame
  • 50 NCR dogtags → laser rifle, +1 to Legion Fame

Armor: (Note: asking to redeem for armor immediately removes five dogtags from the player's inventory)




  • 1 NCR dogtag → 1 random food item, +1 to Legion Fame
  • 3 NCR dogtags → 1 random food item, +4 to Legion Fame
  • 5 NCR dogtags → 1 random food item, +12 to Legion Fame
  • 10 NCR dogtags → 1 random food item, no Legion Fame

Legion Fame

Due to several bugs with Severus' dialogue, turning in dogtags five at a time in exchange for food will yield the most fame per tag, granting +12 Legion fame for five tags. Turning in 25 dogtags five at a time is sufficient to become Liked, 10 for Accepted and 5 for Neutral. Turning in 40 tags five at a time, followed by another 3 tags in one set of three will grant the Courier Idolized status with the Legion.



  • Severus is noticeably taller than the player character.
  • He will refuse to interact with the Courier if a negative reputation with the Legion is gained.


Decanus Severus appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

  • In Latin, decanus refers to a military rank of "a commander of ten soldiers," while severus is translated as "stern" or "severe."
  • The name impressed on him by Caesar is a popular historical name, bore by several emperors and notable persons in the history of Rome.


  1. The Courier: "What is your role here?"
    Severus: "I'm an officer of the Legion, of the rank Decanus. When we encamped, I commanded a contubernium of eight Legionaries. So I command what's left. Under the wise leadership of Centurion Aurelius, of course."
    (Severus' dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "Do you see much action against the NCR?"
    Severus: "As much as their cowardice will allow. The Profligates avoid open battle, but on good days we find one of their patrols. Their landmines have caused us more trouble than their marksmanship - which is lacking."
    (Severus' dialogue)
  3. The Courier: "What is this place?"
    Severus: "A Legion outpost. What's it look like? We crossed the river when the Profligates fled from Searchlight. From here we stage raiding parties and process captures."
    (Severus' dialogue)