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Settler cottage and bunker is an unmarked location in the Mire region of Appalachia in 2103. It is east of Haven Church.


This house was once the home of Georgia and her mother Madison, who lived in the area after the Great War. Georgia preferred to neglect her chores (such as picking berries) and would instead play with her many teddy bears, often setting up tea parties for them. However, Madison was extremely concerned for Georgia's safety, and wanted her to come into the bunker four times an hour.[1] Although Madison wanted to give Georgia some space, she became worried when Georgia would not come inside for mere minutes, terrified that she had been taken away by raiders.[2]

Georgia and Madison's fate is ultimately unknown, as by 2103, the cottage and bunker's only inhabitant is a random settler engineer, who has established a farm on the homestead.


The location consists of a ruined cottage to the right and a metal bunker underneath some farming machinery to the left. The house has two stories and an attic. At the top is one of Georgia's tea parties, attended by some teddy bears. The bunker is built into the side of a hill, and can be accessed by going behind the cottage and downwards. Inside is a number of containers that can be looted. To the north of the homestead is an old playground surrounded by picket fences, another spot where Georgia used to play with her teddy bears.

Notable loot

  • Georgia's diary pages - Notes, both of them are found at this location:
    • Page 27 is in the attic of the cottage, on a table at a teddy bear tea party.
    • Page 33 is to the north, at the playground.
  • Madison's journal page 7 - Note, in the bunker, on a cart next to a radio.


The Settler cottage and bunker appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.

Behind the scenes

A cut quest simply known as "Cottage Bunker Quest" (W05_Community_CottageBunker_Quest_DoNotUse) would have given this location a much more significant role. Madison would have appeared as an actual character, giving the quest to the player character. She would ask them to find Georgia and bring her home. From this point, one could encounter Georgia, who would ask for help in picking berries. At the end of the quest, it would have been up to the player character whether or not Georgia could continue playing outside. The options would have included convincing Madison that Georgia should have a proper childhood, or agreeing that she should stay inside, as it would be too dangerous for her outside.