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Seth's a very good fighter. He's very determined. A little too much, sometimes. Still, he's devoted to the welfare of our village.Jarvis

Seth is the captain of the Shady Sands town guards and First Ranger of the NCR Rangers.[1][2]


In 2161, Seth leads the security force, serving as captain, posted at the main entrance of Shady Sands.[3] In addition to maintaining order and safety, he greets newcomers and points them in the direction of Aradesh, the town's leader who wishes to meet new all new visitors.[4] Seth also gauges potential threats and requests all visitors follow the town's laws, such as the holstering of weapons.[5][6]

Seth shows respect for the town's leader, and likewise Aradesh speaks favorably about the captain.[7][8] The elder describes Seth's continued efforts to repel threats and attacks from raiders and mentions that Seth is someone who assists him in keeping an eye on those the townspeople do not yet trust.[9][10] Aradesh holds Seth in such high esteem that he considered the guard leader to be a suitable match for his daughter.[3] Tandi declined, stating Seth isn't her type, but Seth refers to her as his "girl" in an unguarded moment with the Vault Dweller, before correcting himself.[11] His younger brother Jarvis shares information about his brother, professing Seth's devotion to the welfare of their village and his proficiency as a fighter.[12][13]

In his role as leader of the town guard, Seth actively organizes the efforts of the security team including Ian, planning for initiatives outside of the city limits.[14] This group works together to eliminate ongoing threats from creatures such as finding and eradicating a nearby source of radscorpions.[15][16] Seth is also trusted with initiatives of the utmost importance, such as the mission to rescue Tandi from a raider gang who abducted her.[17][3]

During an expedition with Aradesh to look for Vault 13, Seth and Aradesh disappeared and were presumed dead.[18] He is revered in the New California Republic, given the title and remembered as the "First Ranger" of the NCR Rangers. He is immortalized on NCR currency, his portrait appearing on the NCR $20 bill.

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Apparel Weapon Other items
Farmer outfit Colt Rangemaster hunting rifle Rope x2
Bottle cap x42


Seth can supply the Vault Dweller with rare rope, which is required in two locations, including Vault 15 and the Glow.


Seth appears in Fallout and is mentioned in Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas.



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