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The Mutants at the water shed need dirt-naps. Makes my shadow grow. You slice 'em and rewards run to you. Info, too.

Set is the leader of Necropolis in Fallout, styling himself as the leader of the entire ghoul community. In reality, he is under the control of the Unity, with Harry posted to keep watch for regular humans and Set on a leash. Set is accompanied by a stalwart bodyguard at all times.


Set is the self-styled ruler[1] of the only ghoul settlement in New California. Considered a "total bastard" even before the War, by his own son, no less, he was twisted by radiation after Vault 12 failed. It barely affected his already bad temper and sense of authority.[2][3] After Necropolis was founded by Vault survivors in 2083,[Non-game 1] Set took control within a year. The displaced overseer fled north, rather than be killed by the newly crowned "king."[Non-game 2][Non-game 3]

With the town under his thumb, Set turned it into a haven for ghouls, a place where they could live in peace.[4] Naturally, this peace was extended only to those who would obediently accept his leadership,[5] as Set will tolerate nothing less than total control.[6] Even those who follow him fear his temper and punishments for stepping out of line.[7] While his tyrannical tendencies are interpreted as incompetence by dissidents,[8] Set does make sure everyone receives a fair ration of water to keep them alive.[9] This includes the ghouls who don't like Set's brutality; Set abhors the peaceable, and they are driven literally underground, yet they remain ghouls. As a result, they still receive water rations, as Set does not want to see Necropolis short-handed if the ghouls have to defend it.[10]

Set kept Necropolis under his control for the next 74 years, cultivating an attitude of ghoul supremacy. While other wastelanders look down on ghouls with pity, hatred or disgust, Set saw his kind as the future, capable of surviving anywhere through their surpassing endurance.[11] Accordingly, Necropolis is not a derelict ruin, but a place where strength grows,[12] rising out of the ashes of nuclear devastation.[13] Accordingly, he has a dim view of regular humans; the Brotherhood of Steel are relics, easily outstripped by ghouls due to the limited scope of their vision,[14] while the merchants of The Hub are useful, but their greed and dishonesty make them unreliable.[15] Thanks to the watershed and still functioning infrastructure of Vault 12, Necropolis maintained its independence of the Hub,[16] at least as far as water deliveries are concerned. The Water Merchants tried to establish a caravan route to Necropolis but were rebuffed by Set,[17] with only the Crimson Caravan allowed to establish trade relations. Keri Lee is among the few humans to have actually met Set and his ghouls (or "skags" in Hub lingo),[18] and live to tell the tale. Set's Necropolis is very hostile to unmutated humans for the most part; the majority of those who cross the territory are killed and cannibalized.[19][20][21][22][23] Set himself is a cannibal, usually eating his victims while singing the Happy Tummy song. [24][25][26][27]

Set's absolute rule came to an abrupt end in 2157, when the Unity attacked. The Master learned of Vault 12 and sent a detachment to seize it and any dwellers within. Many ghouls perished in the attack before Set managed to parley with the super mutants and explain that the ghouls were the survivors they were looking for. With their mission failed, the mutants set up an outpost at the watershed instead, to control the supply of water[28] and ensure Set's cooperation.[Non-game 4] Some ghouls were also taken as laborers to the Vats, eventually managing to escape and return home.[29] Set absolutely resents being used as a pawn in this manner,[Non-game 3] and despises the Master,[30] the Unity[31] and the super mutants.[32] The sentiment is mutual; all of the super mutants posted at the watershed consider him a weakling and would rather kill him and the ghouls, but orders remain.[33][34] The Lieutenant prefers to use Set as a human catcher instead.[35] Set continued the policy of handing water rations out to dissidents as well,[10] while looking for a way to wrest control of the watershed and get rid of the mutants.[36][4] He helped Talius fight the mutants, before the dweller was captured,[37] garnering his respect.[38] The mutants remain unaware of Set's role in the fighting, and the ghoul leader continues to scheme to get rid of them.[39]

Set is still seen as a leader by ghouls living on the surface. The Zombies gang in particular looks up to him, due to his apparent control of the water supply and guns, and aspires to join his guard detail. Set keeps at least a dozen guards, with two at his side at all times, and another ten on call mere seconds away.[40] Set doesn't directly control the glowing ones inhabiting Vault 12 (and several are indeed caged in his Hall of the Dead), due to them lashing out at their fellow ghouls whenever they go down into the Vault,[41] but hopes to seize control of the water purification process when possible.[42] The underground ghouls who Set despises fear that Set's actions may bring down retribution on all the Necropolis ghouls.[43]


Set is a total bastard, described as such even by his own son.[3] He is short-tempered, foul-mouthed, and utterly ruthless, especially to regular humans.[24] Apart from the aforementioned belief in the innate superiority of ghouls, he abhors pacifism or a generally peaceful disposition, and being in power has only corrupted him further.[10] He also hates weakness in general and that includes ghouls; any ghoul that can't stop a regular human deserves to be killed.[44]

After he was reduced to the role of a figurehead by the mutants, he also developed a paranoid attitude, willing to kill anyone he suspects of being in the Master's employ.[45] For the same reason, he doesn't talk to his ghouls about killing mutants; while he will give the job in a face to face meeting, he will not tell ghouls to open the way for anyone he tasks with killing the mutants (and if they cannot make it through, it's their own fault for being weak).[44] Set himself projects an aura of violent strength and confidence, embracing stories of ghouls being bloodthirsty, cannibal mutants. He plays up these aspects with savage bravado, his contempt for "normies" playing a dominant role in his personality and allowing him to shrug off attempts at intimidation.[46] He has a limited sense of humor; joking about his appearance gets a pass, once. Anyone trying to be funny on repeated occasions finds themselves "juiced" by Set and his elites.[47] He does look out for his ghouls as well,[48] in particular where their survival is concerned; anyone stealing the water chip that provides water for Necropolis is liable to be killed on the spot, unless they can provide a solution that satisfies both, such as repairing the broken watershed pump (at Garret's gunpoint, of course, as Set does not trust).[49]

The only person who does genuinely intimidate Set is The Master. While he won't say it openly,[50] claiming to be the sole ruler of Necropolis, he realizes that the Unity shadows the wasteland and had become so strong that it is hardly possible to contain, not by the "cids" of the Hub, the ghouls, anyone.[51] Set dislikes the Master's duplicity, preferring honest dealings. While he might have to be persuaded to provide compensation appropriate to the task, he does not go back on his word and has Garret, his second, pay out the sum.[52]


Set perished sometime after February 2162 in the retaliatory assault on Necropolis, ordered by the Master after the Vault Dweller killed Harry and his garrison.[Non-game 5][53][Non-game 6]

Interactions with the player character[]


Interactions overview[]

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  • Destroy the Super Mutants at the Watershed: The player will be asked by Set to give dirtnaps to the super mutants occupying the Necropolis' watershed.
  • Fix the Necropolis water pump: If the player takes the water chip and returns to Set without turning the pump on, Set will demand its return. The only peaceful option is available if they also carry junk, allowing them to suggest fixing up the pump. This will teleport the player to the watershed, with Garret holding them at gunpoint until they fix the pump.

Other interactions[]

  • If the Vault Dweller arrives at Necropolis 110 days after the game starts, Set and all the other ghouls will be dead making it impossible to start any quests. The same happens if the player enters the city if 30 days pass after killing the super mutants at the Watershed and the Master is still alive (this is tracked on a per-map basis).
  • If Set is still alive after the Master has been killed, he will reward the player character with 40 Small Energy Cell, 50 Micro Fusion Cell, 1 Buffout, 1 Mentats, 2 Stimpaks, 2 Frag Grenades, 2 Plasma Grenades, 2 Pulse Grenades, 200 5mm JHP and 200 5mm AP (requires talking to Garret first).

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Fallout 2[]

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Apparel Weapon Other items
Busted combat armor Hunting rifle .223 FMJ x100
Stimpak x2

Fallout 2[]

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Black ghoul outfit


Set appears in Fallout. He also appears in Fallout 2 in the Café of Broken Dreams special encounter.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Set was written by Mark O'Green, due to him preferring to come up with unique ways for characters to speak. O'Green also wrote Sulik and Hakunin in the sequel.[Non-game 7]
  • In ancient Egyptian mythology, Set (also spelled Seth, Sutekh or Seteh) was originally the god of the desert, storms, darkness, evil and chaos. As such, Set, leading the shady town of Necropolis, fits the reference well. It is also reflected in his personality; although not necessarily evil, he tends to be very aggressive.
  • Set was connected in Greek mythology with Typhon, a maritime creature.
  • In Fallout concept art, a person named Rake was supposed to be Necropolis' leader.



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    Note: This Tell-Me-About is shared between the squad members.
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    Set: "{180}{Set22}{Children of the Cathedral, cids of the Hub, even us Ghouls. No one can push his shadow now. But our light will be brighter next time. Ho-ho, yes.}"
  52. Set: "{165}{Set18}{Well done. You've earned my sight, walker. Follow Garret for your reward. Now. I'm busy.}"
    Vault Dweller: "{167}{}{That's it! Thanks, now get out?}"
    Set: "{169}{Set19}{Look before you squeak. You'll enjoy. Be a shame to anger me, now . . . that I'm happy.}"
    Vault Dweller: "{170}{}{I apologize for my outburst, but I'm a little concerned here.}"
    Set: "{173}{Set20}{[Groan] Yeah, yeah. Follow Garret, and be showing your pearly whites too. And don't fret, I keep a straight-word. The Master runs the twist.}"
  53. The Vault Dweller: "{104}{}{What happened here?}"
    The ghoul refugee: "{115}{}{The super mutants attacked. We were slaughtered. They had guns and bombs, even some steam trucks. They killed my friends. The mutants just butchered us.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{118}{}{Do you know why?}"
    The ghoul refugee: "{122}{}{I heard they was pissed that some human killed their men here.}"
    (The ghoul refugee's dialogue)


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