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The Mutants at the water shed need dirt-naps. Makes my shadow grow. You slice 'em and rewards run to you. Info, too.

Set is the leader of the ghouls in Necropolis in 2161, with an exception to the Underground ghouls who lived in the sewers and the glowing ones who live in Vault 12.


Set styles himself as the leader of Necropolis, though his attitude and mannerisms are fairly passive-aggressive and otherwise rude. Before the Great War, he already lacked a sense of humor and had a mean authoritarian streak. Becoming a ghoul just deepened the already present problems.[2][3] When he took refuge in Vault 12 beneath Bakersfield in 2077, he and his son, Typhon, became ghouls, as a result, Set became even more set in his ways. He was part of the first group of survivors to emerge in the wasteland, due to this, Necropolis was founded in the summer of 2083.[4] Less than a year later, in 2084, Set wrestled control of the settlement from the original Overseer, driving him away.[5]

Set established the city as a refuge for all ghouls, intending for it to act as a safe haven, at least for those willing to follow his lead.[6] For years he kept the peace, until his rule was overthrown in 2157, by super mutant invaders searching for Vault 12. Set eventually negotiated peace with the super mutants, after explaining that they were the former vault dwellers. The super mutants established a stronghold in the town to ensure Set's cooperation and watch for humans passing through the city.[7]

As a figurehead working for the Master, Set's job is to keep the ghouls in line and watch for humans.[8] However, he resents being a pawn in the Master's game, no matter how much he hates him. Stuck between a hammer and a hard place, Set is ill tempered, frustrated, and prone to go off for the smallest of transgressions. He plots to overthrow the super mutants and get rid of them, but is quite aware that his ghouls cannot go toe to toe with the Master's troops and expect to win.[9]

Ultimately, Set perished in the retaliatory assault on Necropolis, ordered by the Master after the Vault Dweller killed Harry and his garrison off.[10]

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Other interactions

Set is annoyed at the super mutant presence in Necropolis and attempts to recruit the Vault Dweller to take care of the problem. He will also insist that they fix the Necropolis water pump if met after having recovered the water chip. He may also try to take advantage of low Intelligence characters.

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  • Set can be found in the special encounter, Café of Broken Dreams.
  • Set's dialogue there suggests that his verbal repertoire may be the result of insanity such as him discussing his phrase 'dirtnap' and how he likes to say it.



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Busted combat armor Colt Rangemaster hunting rifle .223 FMJ x100
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Fallout 2

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Black ghoul outfit


  • Set is accompanied by a stalwart bodyguard at all times.
  • If the Vault Dweller completes Destroy the Super Mutants at the Watershed and then enters the vault to take the water chip, returning to Set to complete the unmarked quest will automatically make him hostile saying that the Vault Dweller "vanished the water chip."
  • If the Vault Dweller arrives at Necropolis 90 days after the game starts, Set and all the others ghouls are dead making it impossible to start and complete Destroy the Super Mutants at the Watershed, Free Ghoul prisoner and Fix the Necropolis water pump quests.
  • If Set is still alive after the Master has been taken down, he will reward the player character with extra ammo, energy cells, and various grenades.


Set appears in Fallout. He also appears in Fallout 2 in the Café of Broken Dreams special encounter.

Behind the scenes

  • In Ancient Egyptian mythology, Set (also spelled Seth, Sutekh or Seteh) was originally the god of the desert, storms, darkness, evil and chaos. As such, Set, leading the shady town of Necropolis, fits the reference well. It is also reflected in his personality; although not necessarily evil, he tends to be very aggressive.
  • In Fallout concept art, a person named Rake was supposed to be Necropolis's leader.



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