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The sequin dress is a piece of clothing in Fallout 4.


It provides no Damage or Energy Resistance and can only add 2 points to Charisma in stock form. If the player unlocks ballistic weave from the Railroad though, it can have up to 110 points in Damage and Energy Resistance added.

It does not allow armor pieces, with the exception of arm pieces to be equipped when worn. This dress also includes a pair of white and black heels.

This dress remains as a dress even when equipped on a male character.



The sequin dress can be found in large containers throughout the Commonwealth, such as dressers, suitcases, and steamer trunks. It is also possible to find the dress in the cooler at Bedford Station as a random drop, but this is the only small container where it is possible. The dress can also be purchased from merchants.

There are only two fixed locations where the dress can be found:

The only named non-player character who wears this dress is Darla, Skinny Malone's current lover.