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Sentinel Site Prescott,[1] simply called Sentinel Site in the game, is a location in the Glowing Sea region of the Commonwealth in 2287.

The facility is one of the few places in the Glowing Sea hardened against radiation, so the player character can safely remove radiation protection gear while inside.


A pyramid structure surrounded by irradiated sludge, Sentinel Site Prescott was officially a nuclear munitions disposal facility.[2] However, in reality, it was a missile silo that stockpiled Mark 28 nuclear warheads for the U.S. military, and performed experiments focused on combining them with existing ballistic missiles.[3]

With a seemingly inexhaustible stock of these warheads,[4] the facility performed at least 23 test launches, the final one performed on the eve of the Great War. However, the launch failed to register with the system, locking the hapless staff inside and dooming them to death from thirst and starvation. Many were turned into feral ghouls, sealed beneath the ground.[5] Captain Dunleavy of the 132nd Engineering Corps recorded the crew's final moments before the first bombs hit the Commonwealth .[1]

By 2281, the site had been infiltrated by the Children of Atom, who were able to activate the launch sequence before being massacred by the feral ghoul inhabitants. Although no missile was present on the launch pad, all blast doors in the facility were closed and locked, requiring the Sole Survivor to deactivate the sequence or access certain terminals in order to gain full access to the facility. The Brotherhood of Steel then followed, seeking to provide Liberty Prime with a new supply of nuclear weapons from the site.[6]


The exterior of the main bunker is a concrete pyramid, with a blast door entrance on the northeast side; four separate ventilation towers also rise to the northeast. Through the entrance is a large room resembling a missile silo featuring a network of catwalks. Descending the catwalk to the left leads to the first control room. On a desk on the room's lower level is the sentinel site blast door override holotape, which will open the blast doors in the facility when loaded in the doors' related terminals. The blast door near the desk opens to reveal a small observation room, where a terminal may be accessed for a pre-War launch report. Continuing down the catwalk, a second similar observation room and terminal are in the control room on the next level down. Finally, a terminal that may be used to abort the launch sequence is on the lowest level. The nearby elevator may be used to return to the catwalk by the entrance on the top level.

At ground level, the northeast section of the main silo area features three unused nuclear warheads in metal crates and a fourth on a megaloader. They will not detonate from gunfire or explosions, but be prepared for a few mole rats, as well as a horde of feral ghouls in a tunnel nearby to the southeast. Two barracks rooms with bunk beds are along the southeast side of the middle of the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, a pair of blast doors are ahead, while a button to call a cargo elevator is to the right. The elevator platform hosts a leveled glowing one and a steamer trunk. The elevator ascends to an exit in one of the exterior ventilation towers.

Up the short set of stairs to the left of the blast doors is a control room containing Brother Henri and Atom's Wrath if Liberty Reprimed is active. The terminal in this room requires Henri's password to access, and may be used to open the blast doors to the bomb storage area, an expansive room filled with nuclear warheads. The room contains moderate to severe radiation, peaking at 28 rads per second near the back.

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  • If wearing a suit of power armor equipped with a jet pack, do not attempt to jump up through the hatch in the elevator; doing so will cause the player character to clip into a pile of debris and become trapped.
  • If the quest Liberty Reprimed has not yet started, the room where the Mark 28 nukes are stored will not be accessible; there will be a shelf blocking the door.
  • When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated at four locations: the exterior entrance, the gantry just inside the main entrance, the warhead storage room entrance, and a fourth location.[clarification needed]
Location comments
Character Specific location Comment
Cait Exterior entrance "I've never seen anythin' like that before."
Gantry "This doesn't bode well. Not at all."
Bomb storage room entrance "It's a shame we're turnin' these over to the Brotherhood. These things would be worth a fortune."
"If they used to store bombs here, why in the hell are we goin' inside?"
Codsworth Exterior entrance "If I'm not mistaken, and my database says I'm not, that's a pyramid."
Gantry "Oh my, is this a launch site?"
Bomb storage room entrance "That's enough to destroy our world all over again."
"Odd place for a pyramid, wouldn't you say, sir/mum?"
Curie Exterior entrance "According to my memory, this used to be a military site."
Gantry just inside the main entrance "Nuclear missiles. To think something so comparatively small could destroy so very much."
Bomb storage room entrance "There is a considerable amount of ordinance here."
"My records mention nothing of this place. How bizarre."
Danse Exterior entrance "I believe that this is a bomb disposal facility."
Gantry "It appears that this facility is more than just bomb disposal. It's been converted into a launching silo as well."
Bomb storage room entrance "Mark 28 Nuclear Bombs... Liberty Prime's weapon of choice."
"Looks like a bomb storage and disposal facility. Watch what you shoot at in here."
Deacon Exterior entrance "What the hell's that?"
Gantry "And we still have these damned missiles hidden all over the place."
Bomb storage room entrance "That's a lot of... whatever the hell it is."
"Our favorite wacky cultists love this place. And if its good in the Cult of Atom's book you know what that means, right? Yeah, me neither."
John Hancock Exterior entrance "Well, ain't that ominous."
Gantry "Christ. Those things ain't still armed, right?"
Bomb storage room entrance "A stray shot in here and we'll all be going out with a bang."
"Doesn't look like they were expecting visitors, that's for damn sure."
Robert MacCready Exterior entrance "What the hell? Is that a... pyramid?"
Gantry "Holy sh... holy crap... are those... missiles?"
Bomb storage room entrance "There are enough bombs in this place to start another apocalypse."
"I could tell you what's inside this building, but what would be the point? Ha ha... cause it's a pyramid... never mind."
Nick Valentine Exterior entrance "The pharaohs set up a franchise way out here?"
Gantry "I... I can't believe what I'm looking at."
Bomb storage room entrance "Just how many of these did they need?"
"Well, if they were going for ominous, they nailed it."
Piper Wright Exterior entrance "Is, is that a tomb?"
Gantry "Oh my god. Are those... nukes?"
Bomb storage room entrance "They destroyed the world and still had all this left over?"
"They sure built some weird stuff in your day, didn't they, Blue?"
Preston Garvey Exterior entrance "You ever see anything like that before?"
Gantry "I hope to god these aren't still armed."
Bomb storage room entrance "You really think it's a good idea to turn all this over to the Brotherhood?"
"It's hard to believe how much effort they spent in the old days getting ready to blow themselves up."
X6-88 Exterior entrance "That's definitely not pre-war. What the hell is it?"
Gantry "This has to be a launch site of some kind. How did we not know about this?"
Bomb storage room entrance "Look at all of this ordnance. This is not good."


The Sentinel site appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

The original Sentinel Program was designed to place nuclear-tipped interceptor missiles in the suburbs around major cities, protecting them from incoming ballistic threats. The project was scrapped due to public backlash, but one site was partially constructed near Sharpner's Pond in North Andover, MA.



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