The Seneca Rocks Visitor Center is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2102.


The visitor center once served people touring the famous Seneca Rocks and included a motel, Red Rocket refueling station, and several cottages. After the Great War, this area was the site of a battle between Responders and raiders before feral ghouls took over. Major Darion Jones died here, and his body still lies on the second floor of the visitor center.


There are two main buildings at this location: the visitor center, similar in design to a motel, and a Red Rocket station, which has a stash box container. The office room of the visitor center has a wall safe that requires a Picklock skill of 2, as well as a cooking station, a first aid box, a tool case and pre-War money scattered on the floor.

Between the visitor center and the Red Rocket station is a honey beast sitting in the parking lot. It will typically attack both the player character and the nearby pack of feral ghouls, which can be led by a high-level glowing one. A steamer trunk can be looted on the balcony.

South of the visitor center, on top of a hill, is a small green shack with a tinker's workbench inside. To the west are three townhomes, one of which has a locked footlocker and safe.

Notable lootEdit

  • Signal repeater schematic and signal repeater notes - Quest items, on the body of Major Darion Jones.
  • Two potential armor mods:
    • Inside the Red Rocket station, under the counter near the cash register.
    • On top of the Red Rocket, on a makeshift table.
  • Potential recipe - Inside a shelf in a cabinet inside the southernmost townhome.


The Seneca Rocks Visitor Center appears only in Fallout 76.


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