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Seneca Rocks is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia.


One of the most picturesque locations in West Virginia before the Great War, Seneca Rocks is a crag at the north end of the River Knobs, with a distinct, iconic look thanks to its razorback ridges. The Rocks were used as a training ground by the 10th Mountain division of the Army during 1943 and 1944, preparing for combat in the Apennines of Italy.


Seneca Rocks is a large crag consisting of sheer rock faces, steep cliffs, and jagged terrain. The prominent geological formation rises high above the landscape, comprised of a northern and southern peak with a central notch overlooking Route 68. As of 2103, the body of a vulture is impaled on the eastern cliff face.

A hiking trail starts at the Seneca Rocks Visitor Center and forks along the various plateaus along the western side of the location, including one footpath leading to the ATLAS Observatory. Similarly, a narrow dirt path leads north from Pleasant Valley cabins into the Seneca Rock's southwestern cliffs and forks around to the eastern side of the rock formation. It also branches into a hidden path marked with a blood-soaked rock that leads to the corpses of Olivia and Shannon Rivers.

While the peaks are largely inaccessible, the northern peak can be accessed from the northern side of the Rocks, albeit with difficulty given the jagged, uneven terrain. The southern peak can only be accessed by leaping from the northern peak across the central notch. At the top of the southern peak, an Imported Chinese panda and Jangles the Moon Monkey can be found in a bush, with "astropanda rowan seneca" In-game spelling written in chalk upon a rock.

Notable loot


Seneca Rocks appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

Seneca Rocks is based on the real world location of Seneca Rocks in West Virginia, which has an altitude of 1,568 feet (478 meters).