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Help Audrey with the Weather Machine repairs.

Seeking Shelter is a main quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Speak to Audrey
  • Go to the Shenandoah Visitor Center
  • Search for the weather monitoring device
  • Clear out the intruders
  • Speak to Kevin
  • Look for the weather monitoring device
  • Retrieve the weather monitoring device part
  • Report back to Audrey
  • Install the weather machine repair part

Detailed walkthrough[]

Speak to Audrey, who will send you to find a part for the weather machine in the Shenandoah Visitor Center, located north of Dark Hollow Manor. Once inside, you will encounter Kevin Harris, who is in possession of the part, but left it in his bunker. Unfortunately, he can't get back into his bunker because cultists are in the way.

Head deeper into the visitor center, and clear out the cultists. Return to Kevin, who will have walked deeper into the visitor center as well. He opens a locked metal door, leading to a tunnel connecting the visitor center to his bunker. Traverse the tunnel, which contains various scrap parts, radroaches, and mole rats.

On the other side of the tunnel, Kevin awaits you at the top of the stairs. Talk with him, and then grab the weather machine part from the red console behind Kevin, opposite the room from where you entered it.

Return to Audrey in the Vault 63 meteorology sector. Audrey will ask you to install the weather machine part. From Audrey's lab, take a left, go up the stairs, and take a right. Interact with the console panel to replace the part, immediately completing the quest, leading to Oldest Trick in the Book.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Speak to AudreyI delivered the Weather Machine Blueprints to Audrey, who was overjoyed to get them. She mentioned she would have more work for me once she had a moment to look over the blueprints. I should go ask her what she needs help with.
? Go to the Shenandoah Visitor CenterAudrey needs a part for the Weather Machine. She wants me to retrieve it from a weather device located at the Shenandoah Visitor Center. She said it's just north of the manor. I should head over there and search for it.
? Enter the Visitor CenterMaybe not as abandoned as I thought. I saw someone run off as soon as I entered the building. I think I startled them, so they shouldn't be much of a threat. Maybe they know where I can find this Weather Monitoring Device?
? Search for the Weather Monitoring DeviceKevin is definitely not a threat. Poor fella seems quite shaken up by those people he locked in. We made a deal: I'll take care of the intruders that someone named Alex sent here, and Kevin will show me where the device is. I should go clear out the intruders.
? Look for the Weather Monitoring Device
? Clear out the intruders
? Follow Kevin to the bunkerAfter dealing with the Mothman Cultists, Kevin agreed to keep his end of the bargain and lead me to his bunker, to allow me to get my hands on the weather device there. I should follow him to the bunker.
? Retrieve the Weather Machine Repair PartIt looks like Kevin has been living here for a while... I should get the Weather Machine Repair Part and get out his way.
? Report back to AudreyI got the Weather Machine Repair Part Audrey wanted. I had better get it to the Meteorology Sector so Audrey can start repairing the Weather Machine.
? Install the Weather Machine Repair PartAudrey asked me install the Weather Machine Repair Part. She seemed a little disconcerted at the mention of the name Alex. I wonder who this person was to her? Either way, I should head over to the Weather Machine and get started.