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Don't people still get pregnant from intercourse? What about accidental pregnancies?Chosen One about the lack of children in Vault City

See Phyllis is an unmarked quest in Fallout 2.


Resident Medical Assistant (or nurse, for short) Phyllis in Vault 8 can be the source of quite a bit of experience, if the interlocutor knows what to do...

Both genders

Question of sterility

The Chosen One can talk to Phyllis about the lack of children in Vault City. With a Perception of 6 and a Doctor skill of 75%, they can convince her to talk to Dr. Troy about the potential of sterility in the population.

The reward is 300 XP for this.

See the world

The Chosen One can convince Phyllis to see the outside world by talking about the "similarity of citizens".

The reward is 300 XP for doing so.

Male only

The Chosen One can donate sperm to help improve the genetic diversity of Vault City, after following the dialogue line about there being no children whatsoever in the town. (It is also possible to lampshade that there are no children because someone might be playing the European version of Fallout 2). If asked for a magazine aid, a Cat's Paw will be given.

The experience reward depends on Intelligence: 4 will net 50 XP, at least 5 will give 250 while 7 and above will give the full 500 XP.


The Chosen One can date Phyllis provided he meets her requirements:

The reward is 100 XP and a very dull evening.

Female only

Females may flirt with Phyllis and get rejected. This will not affect the conversations that follow in any way.

Behind the scenes

The quest title is a wordplay on syphilis, a sexually transmitted infection.

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