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The security office is the HQ of Diamond City security in Diamond City. It is located along the western side of the field in one of the old dugouts.


The security office consists of the main jail room, consisting of a single large jail cell, a Nuka-Cola machine, a small evidence room containing various items that may be of value, a bathroom, shower room, and a smaller room south containing a desk that has Jet placed on top of it, as well as the Diamond City jail key in the desk.

The cell is occupied by Mel during The Big Dig.

There is also an old parking garage, converted into sleeping quarters. The Protectron will attack all present if released, as the terminal suggests it will unless its alliance parameters are overridden by the Protectron override program. It will patrol the security office after use of the holotape.

Notable loot

In the small room to the south, inside an owned desk, lies the Diamond City jail key.


The security office appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

The banners hanging on the wall in the main area match the years the real-life Boston Red Sox won the World Series (blue) and AL Pennant (red). The team's achievements after 1946 (the 1967 season and beyond) are not reflected.