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Rescue the trapped vault dwellers.

Secrets Revealed is a main quest in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


With the Vault breached and the cutting-edge security broken through, the final step is reaching the gold. However, there is one wrinkle in the plan: A group of surviving Secret Service agents who are trapped and requesting rescue.


Immediately past the secure door in the barracks is a Vault window, behind which Slick and AC are standing, with the rest of the surviving Secret Service agents mingling about elsewhere in the room.

After a brief interrogation as to the reasons for being in the Vault, they enlist the Vault Dweller and their team to assist with freeing the surviving members of the Secret Service from the death trap that Vault 79 has become, effectively trading the gold reserves for freedom. Using emergency power, AC opens the doors to the reactor, so that the team can reactivate it and power up the Vault's systems, which would allow the surviving agents to be finally freed from their imprisonment in the barracks by lifting the emergency lockdown.

Heading north through the recently-opened door leads the team to Digger, who was ghoulified in the reactor malfunction that damaged the Vault's system and turned most of the reactor crew into feral ghouls from the radiation, with Digger being the only one who has not turned feral. He explains that the only way to restart the reactor is to vent the radioactive air from the room.

The entrance to the reactor control room is in the northwestern corner of the chamber, up the stairs. A Level 3 locked terminal on the left wall, near the left-hand entranceway, can be hacked to provide a shortcut to the control room. Once inside, hitting the ventilation override button results in the room to be vented and any remaining feral ghouls getting killed when the reactor's automated security boots back up, including at least 10 Gatling laser turrets and an Assaultron. There is a short warning time when anyone in the reactor chamber needs to get into the secured safe areas before the venting begins. Once the safe rooms seal, the venting process starts. There may possibly be a wendigo or glowing feral ghoul serving as the area boss or the final obstacle before reaching the control room. After the ventilation process is complete, robot security replaces the killed ghouls. The turrets can be manipulated by using the Level 3 locked security terminal in the control room. After the reactor room has been cleared, the team has to find to the gold processing room, which is located directly west from the reactor chamber.

The gold processing room holds a grand total of 1000 gold bullion. Allies present remark on the suspiciously low amount of gold compared to the whole size of the reserve and agree that the main Vaults are still locked down to prevent access to the rest of the supply. Nevertheless, the next step involves collecting all the gold bullion, including the supply from the military trunk. If one sided with the Crater Raiders and Johnny survived the previous quest, he will attempt to betray the Vault Dweller and can either be killed or talked out of his betrayal by means of a Charisma 4+ check. Bringing up what happened with Hal back at the Watoga Civic Center will help convince Johnny to stand down, realizing his greed nearly cost him another friend. A Charisma 12+ check will convince him to give up part of his share of the gold at the end of the quest, earning a little reputation with the Raiders now, and an extra 50 gold bullion alongside whatever the player decides on with splitting it later.

Regardless, after collecting the bullion, the team simply has to leave and return to Digger, then follow him to the rest of the Secret Service members. They are surprised to see him ghoulified. Regs and Mercy suggest killing Digger, while AC and Slick are hesitant on the notion. Citing his inexperience with ghouls, AC asks the Vault Dweller for input. They can either sentence Digger, suggest that he's probably harmless, or give their word that he is, which requires passing a Charisma 7+ check. After Digger's fate is decided, AC offers a deal: Gold bullion in exchange for plans for advanced, exclusive technologies the Secret Service has. He also explains his plan to re-establish currency, identical to that of the Overseer, to help rebuild the USA from the ruins of the nuclear holocaust of the Great War.

Afterwards, the Secret Service survivors relocate to the Gold Operations Center of the Vault, while Digger, if spared, returns to the reactor's control room in order to keep the power running. Once there, AC remarks on the machines as either Paige or Meg appear to finalize the deal and collect. There are three different ways to resolve the deal:

  1. Give 500 bullion to the allied faction as promised, resulting in a massive reputation boost with the allied faction.
  2. Give 250 bullion to each faction, resulting in a minor reputation boost with each faction.
  3. Keep all 1000 bullion, resulting in a medium reputation loss with the allied faction.

Optionally, before talking to Paige or Meg again, the player can talk with their allies, Johnny Weston, or Radcliff and Jen, to gain their perspective on things and learn what they are planning to do. Talking to the faction leader again will conclude the quest.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Talk to the man behind the glass
? Use the code on the Keypad to enter: <Variable=MyVault79Code>
? Figure out how to restore the powerWe're inside the secure section of Vault 79 where they keep the gold. There are people trapped down here. They claim to be what's left of the Secret Service. We have to restart the reactor to get to the gold.
? Talk to Digger
? Ventilate the reactor room to restore the powerWe're inside the secure section of Vault 79 where they keep the gold. The reactor room has been ventilated, killing any remaining feral ghouls.
? Wait for the reactor room to be ventilatedWe're inside the secure section of Vault 79 where they keep the gold. Digger, the Secret Service agent turned ghoul, told us we have to ventilate the reactor room.
? Find the gold processing roomWe're inside Vault 79 where they keep the gold. We're about to enter the secure section of the vault.
? Get the gold [#/#]We've found the gold in Vault 79.
? Return to Digger
? Wait for Digger to reunite with his team
? Help AC decide Digger's fateAfter retrieving the gold, the secret service agents confronted Digger. They're afraid he'll turn feral and attack them. They asked me to decide what to do.
? Report to AC
? Go to the Gold Vault Operations CenterWe've found the gold in Vault 79. The Secret Service agents dealt with Digger.
? Decide how to distribute the goldWe've found the gold in Vault 79. I had to decide how to split the gold.
? Talk to Paige
? Talk to Meg
? (Optional) Talk to Jen in the Operation Center
? (Optional) Talk to Radcliff in the Operation Center
? (Optional) Talk to Johnny in the Operation Center
? Resolve the Situation with Johnny
? Kill Johnny