Second Helpings is a main quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 76.


To complete the Responder training, the dweller has to find Reverend Delbert Winters at his home and learn how to cook safe, nutritious food.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Detailed walkthroughEdit

  • Reverend Delbert's home is one of the long trailer homes near the church. The reverend is dead, but his body carries a survivor story and his terminal contains the instructions for the training. The dweller has to access them and learn how to make a ribeye steak.
  • To do so, they need a piece of brahmin meat and some wood. The first can be gathered from any brahmin corpse in Flatwoods, while the latter is obtained from logs or by deconstructing melee weapons.
  • Then the dweller simply has to craft one at a cooking station, check in with the kiosk to be officially certified as a Volunteer, then contact the Responders using the main terminal just inside the Flatwoods church. This will complete the quest and lead to Final Departure at the Morgantown Airport.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Find Delbert Winters in FlatwoodsI need to complete one last task for their automated system to grant me access to the Responder Database. The Kiosk should have this Delbert Winters' last know location, or I could just look around and see what I find.
? (Optional) Search for Delbert Winters in the People Directory
? Look for Delbert Winters at his homeAccording to the People Directory in the Kiosk, Delbert's last known location was somewhere around his home in town. He hasn't moved in years, so... it's unlikely that he's just napping.
? Search for training instructions around Delbert's house.Ah, found him. Dead. Not surprising. He was training volunteers though, so maybe there's information on his home terminal about the Volunteer program.
? Cook a Ribeye SteakDelbert was working on Ribeye for the potluck. I can follow his instructions to make some Ribeye of my own.
? (Optional) Get some wood for fuel
? (Optional) Get a piece of Brahmin Meat
? Check in with the Self-Serve KioskNow that I've successfully cooked a Ribeye Steak, I should return to the self-serve kiosk and update my volunteer status.
?Icon checkContact the Responders using the DatabaseThe Responder Database terminal should be in the main building - the Flatwoods Church. Now that I can access it as a Volunteer, I can hopefully discover more information about the Responders. Maybe I can even contact them.

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