Good, we're going to the Police Station first. Here's the key, we'll follow you there.Logan

The Searchlight police station is a building in the Mojave Wasteland within Camp Searchlight.


The station is only accessible by acquiring the key from Logan, a prospector found in the storage area of the Searchlight west church. Once acquired, the entrance area contains a desk with a door behind it, leading to the intel center of the station. To the right is a door leading to the jail cells. There will be feral trooper ghouls present, one in the room with the jail cells and one in the bathroom. In the middle room, there is a semicircle of broken terminals save one that has an Easy lock.

Notable lootEdit


The Searchlight police station appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Searchlight police station is based on real world location Searchlight Justice Court in Searchlight, Nevada.


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